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In La Union, in Guatemala's northeastern jungle, a community displaced during the long and bloody civil war has returned from its 14-year temporary home in Mexico to reclaim its Guatemalan roots. Although the land they live on now is far from the village they were forced to abandon in 1982, they're doing their best to embrace their new home. The children in this video will have to work hard on their remote chunk of land far from any good roads and reliable water sources. But those worries will weigh on them soon enough. For now, it's time to play.

Children in La Laguna Perdida from Heifer International on Vimeo.

Video by William Russell Powell

Austin Bailey and Russ Powell visited Guatemala last week to check in on Heifer projects there. You can read about what they found in World Ark magazine.


Austin Bailey

Austin Bailey is a writer and editor for Heifer's World Ark magazine.