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Photo by Bryan Clifton
Sometimes having the hometown advantage pays off. This weekend, it did for Heifer.

Sunday morning, Kris Allen and his dad Neil stopped by Heifer International's headquarters in Little Rock, AR, for a quiet visit with a couple of staff members. We gave him the large card (12" X 18") full of the well-wishes of generous fans who gave to Heifer in honor of Kris's birthday.

Kris examined the card thoroughly, perusing the names inside. After a few minutes, he turned it over and in surprise said, "Woah. There are names on the back, too!" Yep, nearly 500 in all, I confirmed. And donations to the tune of over $26,000. The fans have spoken!

The #1 topic of conversation? How great YOU - his fans - are. What big, giving hearts you have, your loyalty and your dedication to making a difference. If you're impressed with Kris, rest assured he feels the same way about you.

I asked Kris what he thought about your efforts to help Heifer end hunger and poverty worldwide. He said, "It's nice to know that I'm in the position to support the causes you care about and that we can make a difference together."

Making a difference is what Heifer's work has centered around for over 65 years. The donations you made in Kris's honor will help families struggling against harsh climates and dire poverty, and the animals and training they receive give them the tools to lift themselves out of those circumstances. Not only that, but Heifer recipients agree to pass on the gifts they’re given to another family, starting a cycle of hope that changes entire generations.

Because of you, Kris's 25th birthday will make a life-changing difference for many families and communities around the world. For instance, this transformation is happening among a number of villages in Nepal's Chitwan District. These Heifer projects are the subject of the documentary "12 Stones." You can view a preview of this film on our YouTube channel.

You can see the card in its entirety here (PDF download). Please note that page 1 of the PDF contains the inside pages of the card, and page 2 has the outside pages.

From Kris – and from the Heifer families you helped – a HUGE THANK YOU!


Heifer International

Heifer International is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization working with communities to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.