Heifer At Hanukkah


It's About Giving

What better way to make Christmas meaningful than with a gift from Heifer International? You can be part of a growing holiday tradition by helping those in need. Instead of material items, choose to honor your friends and loved ones with gifts that help struggling families lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

Surovi Mardi and Ria Mardi: Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Surovi Mardi and Ria Mardi: Rajshahi, Bangladesh

The Perfect Gifts That Will Help Families Become Self-Reliant

Gift of a Goat

One goat can produce up to 4 gallons of milk a day. This nourishment can often be the key to a family's survival.

Give a Goat

Gift of a Heifer

There is perhaps no more meaningful gift than a heifer. It means milk every morning for a malnourished child, and increased income for food, medicine, and school.

Give a Heifer

Hope Basket

The Hope Basket includes a gift of rabbits and a starter flock of chickens, providing eggs, nourishment, and increased income.

Give a Hope Basket

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