Gift of a Sheep

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Your gift of $10, combined with 11 other shares can provide a sheep to someone in need.

Sheep Bring "Shear" Joy

The wool sheep provide is a valuable resource, providing warm clothing for families and children living in harsh environments. Entire communities depend on sheep for their livelihood. Donating sheep gifts to a community:

  • Provides warm clothing for families living in harsh environments
  • Boosts income through sales of extra wool
  • Enable families to Pass on the Gift to others quickly

Sheep can graze the hilliest, rockiest pastures unsuitable for other livestock. They can also provide milk for hungry families. Your sheep donation makes a perfect gift - sheep are adaptable and are able to survive nearly anywhere in the world.

This Gift Provides:

See How This Gift Changes Lives

Actor Susan Sarandon lends her support to Heifer International, joining the organization's mission to end hunger and poverty.

I support Heifer International because they are sending the sort of message abroad that I can wholeheartedly support. I share their vision of a world without hunger. It is a bold, brilliant vision — and it is attainable in our lifetime.
Susan SarandonActor and Heifer International Supporter