How It Works

  1. Decide to Help

    Choose a campaign or fundraise for Heifer’s overall efforts

  2. Tell Your Story

    Create a fundraising page and share your passion

  3. Ask For Support

    Get others involved in your effort and raise funds

  4. Transform a Community

    Change lives with the money you raise

Mobilize Your Community to Transform Someone Else’s

Mom in Minnesota

Decided to get involved

Inspired by Heifer’s work, she decided to be a part of ending hunger and poverty by signing up to fundraise and making a donation to kick-start her efforts.

Mom in Cameroon

Decided to take action

After hearing how Heifer helped her neighbor achieve her dreams of self-reliance, she committed to work for that as well.

Mom in Minnesota Started a campaign and told her story

She decided to turn her love of making felt animals into a way to raise funds, selling her crafts for donations to Heifer.

Mom in Cameroon Organized her community and reached out to Heifer to receive training and animals

With training, built pens for her new goats and grew fodder to feed them.

Mom in Minnesota Enlisted her friends and family members as fundraisers

One hosted a dinner party, one sold lemonade with his kids, and one ran a marathon to raise money for Heifer.

Mom in Cameroon Started a small business

She sells fresh milk and new yarn at the local market and employs six of her neighbors.

Mom in Minnesota Together this team of six people raised $5200 in one month

They passed on their gifts of time and talent, which provided training and goats to a farmer in Cameroon, helping to combat hunger and poverty.

Mom in Cameroon Passed on the gift of the first born kid from four herds

Gave four neighbors the opportunity to build their own self-reliance and to turn poverty into prosperity.

Fundraising Ideas

Not sure where to start? Here are some creative ways you can inspire your community.

  • Push Your Limits

    Whatever your sports passion, you can use it to help impoverished families! Run, bike, swim, and tell your friends and family why helping lift the world out of hunger and poverty is important to you. Then ask them to support your fundraiser and your athletic goals with a donation.

  • Host a Dinner Party

    Cook a meal for your friends to help others around the world feed their family. Show one of our videos at the end of the night and ask for support.

  • Have a 'Do-Good' Competition

    Challenge your friends or family to start their own fundraiser. Then see who can do the most good in the world. Have a party to celebrate the winner as well as the fact that you've changed lives.

  • Turn Your Passion Into Lasting Change

    Craft, bake, paint, or perform. Then ask for donations in return for your talents. It's the best way to turn something you love to do into a life-changing and lasting impact for impoverished families.

This year we have raised $800,000 To End Hunger and Poverty Worldwide