Ending Hunger And Poverty

Our work starts with you. It ends in a world without hunger & poverty.

Nearly 805 Million

people around the world don't have enough food to eat.

The Heifer Way

We believe all people deserve dignity, opportunity, and a future free from hunger. We believe we provide the tools of transformation to bring about that opportunity. We believe one cow can transform a life. But we know one animal alone doesn’t lead to sustainable change.

We believe in equipping our people with the tools, education and livestock to bring about positive transformation. Together, through every small step forward, we’re transforming the world for the better. That's real impact.

That is the Power Over Poverty.
We've helped 22.6 Million

families lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

Tools of Transformation - Animals and Nutrition


Animals are the backbone of our work. They provide life-sustaining products such as milk, eggs, cheese, honey and wool. For each animal received, families agree to pass on the offspring of that animal to another person in need. In that act, families become the cycle of positive change. We’ve seen communities hold fast to this idea. In some places, 22 generations of Heifer animals can be traced. On average, Passing on the Gift lasts for at least nine generations, no matter the project.

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Tools of Transformation - Clean Water

Clean Water

Clean water is the foundation of health and prosperity. That’s why we often teach families and communities about managing their water resources through sustainable agriculture. Heifer also helps many families install treadle pumps, practice water conservation and use organic fertilizers to protect drinking water to keep protect them from waterborne diseases.

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Tools of Transformation - Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

Heifer empowers mothers to be able to work and become self-sufficient, to send their children to school and to pay medical bills. Our work unlocks the potential in every woman so she can and will work her way out of hunger and poverty.

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Tools of Transformation - Education and Training

Education and Training

Caring for animals is a responsibility we insist our families don’t take lightly. Each of our farmers goes through extensive training in animal care, feeding and health before they are given a Heifer animal. We work with families as they learn a new way of living. Through our Cornerstones and Values Based Holistic Development trainings we help families gain a new mindset and way of relating that will free them from the psychological and social effects of years of poverty.

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Tools of Transformation - Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Farming is the most core, elemental human role. It has been the foundation of thriving civilizations and societies. We believe it is no different today. That’s why Heifer works with communities and small-scale farmers. We see in them the future. We know that with just a little help, small farms in impoverished nations can be transformed.

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