Promesa Cardamiel

A woman tends to her herbs.

Project Profile

Many spice growers in the region of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala rely on revenues from cardamom crops to feed their families and cover basic needs. Until now, they've lacked the knowledge to improve their native cardamom crops, which have increasingly been infected and nearly destroyed by tiny pests known as thrips. These insects, combined with limited knowledge of sustainable farming methods and lack of market access, have locked many of these spice farmers in a cycle of grinding poverty.

How We're Helping

The Promesa Cardamiel project provides the key to solving these problems. Heifer International is partnering with the Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture and Texas A&M's Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture to discover ways to deter and possibly eliminate the bugs using environmentally-sustainable methods. Farmers will also learn how to diversify their income with beekeeping (a double benefit, as bees can help pollinate the cardamom plants, and the honey can be sold at market). Through training, education and gifts of cardamom seeds, beehives and coffee plants, Promesa Cardamiel is helping 1,006 spice farmers of Alta Verapaz boost yields, reach profitable markets, and lift themselves out of poverty and onward to better livelihoods.

Project Goals

  • 466families benefiting from diverse crops
  • 20%improvement in income for 240 families
  • 503growers producing higher quality spices

You have the power to help these smallholder spice farmers take control of their future and secure the foundation for a life free from hunger and poverty. Join the Doug Jeffords Company and Heifer International by supporting this project to improve livelihoods in spice-growing regions.

PROMESA Cardamom and Honey: The Spice that Improves Life