Give a Child Joy This Holiday Season

Childhood is the common ground among all of us. And there’s uniting childhood theme- the ability to imagine and play. But when a child is burdened by the daily pains of hunger and poverty, they can think of little else than how hungry they are.

Children shouldn’t be hungry.

It’s what our founder, Dan West, thought over 70 years ago when he served powdered milk rations to starving children. He longed to give each family a cow rather than a meager cup of milk. It’s what the foundational cornerstone of Passing on the Gift® provides: access to real hope and opportunity for hungry, vulnerable children and their families.

With your generous help, Heifer International’s gifts of livestock and training evolve into gifts of hope and resilience. This has been our mission for almost 70 years.

Help us break the cycle of poverty in a child’s life this year with a holiday gift to Heifer International.

Give a Child Joy This Holiday Season