Celebrate your Honey this Valentine’s Day with a Gift to Heifer International


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, and a Gift from Heifer on Valentine’s Day Says, “I Love You!”

More than 60 percent of Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day this Friday spending, on average, $126.00 per person. Most of that spending will be on flowers, chocolates and other uninspired gifts that lack thought and imagination.

This Valentine's Day Give a Gift with Thought Behind it

So, why not give your honey a gift of bees from Heifer International?  We have many meaningful gifts that pack a lot of heart for your Valentine while helping marginalized families around the world. Instead of a box of chocolates that can be eaten in one sitting, a simple living gift of bees, a sheep or maybe a goat can transform a family from the grips of hunger and poverty into a resilient and sustainable lifestyle.

Families who receive Heifer gifts not only benefit from the nutrition offered by the gift of an animal, they also expand their ambitions, start businesses and launch other fruitful projects. Communities learn to work together and ultimately Pass on the Gift of their animals’ offspring to other families in need.

Joseph and Agnes Lendzemo of Cameroon have done just that. Since receiving the gift of five sheep from Heifer International, their annual income has jumped from around $140 to $1,300. The couple has also found additional ways to generate income. They bring in an extra $4 a week by frying and selling Puff-Puff, or Cameroonian doughnuts. This means Joseph can go to the doctor for monthly checkups and their children can go to school without added stress for the family. 

Devoted to each other for better or worse, Joseph and Agnes recently renewed their wedding vows in front of family and friends. “Despite my long years of suffering alone to feed my family and to care for my husband I have gained a renewed sense of hope and joy through this project,” Agnes says. “My husband loves me and shares with me. When I am away on the farm, Joseph washes dishes, cleans the house and feeds the animals.” 

About Heifer International:
Heifer International’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. For 70 years, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Heifer is currently working in more than 30 countries, including the United States, to help families and communities become more self-reliant. For more information, visit www.heifer.org, read our blog, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or call 1-888-5HUNGER (888-548-6437).