Heifer International is Your Choice for “Alt Gifts” this Valentines Day

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Feb. 2, 2012) – Valentine's presents can convey love, affection, admiration and devotion but this year by donating to Heifer International your Valentine will know you are also committed to making a lasting and impactful change in the lives of so many. By visiting our Valentines page you can choose from a variety of whimsical, romantic or kid-friendly e-cards to send to your sweetheart, teachers, family and friends.

Giving to Heifer International for Valentine's will have a transformative impact on the lives of a family in the grips of hunger and poverty for many years to come. Families who receive Heifer gifts often expand their ambitions, starting businesses and launching other projects. Communities learn to work together, Passing On the Gift of their animals' offspring.

A donation to Heifer International in your special someone's name is a fun and quirky change from the traditional Valentine's Day presents of chocolates, flowers and trinkets. And your sweetie will know that you are more than just a great guy or gal; you're also a world-changing humanitarian.

Spread your love around the world today and join Heifer International's mission eradicate hunger and poverty.