Make A Resolution That Makes a Difference

This New Year, resolve to give a family hope with a Heifer International animal

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Dec. 29, 2011) – A New Year's resolution can provide the motivation to start anew, with a fresh outlook and goals. This year, harness that hope and impart it to someone who really needs it, with a gift of a chicken, llama, or a cow.

If you share many people’s goal of becoming a better person in the next year, a simple way to start is with Heifer International.  Donations to Heifer provide animals that can make the difference for one family between bare survival and prosperity.

Heifer’s gifts of animals and training provide families with life-giving meat, milk, and eggs. Income from productive animals can bring in money for medical supplies and school. And the training given by Heifer enables individuals to take the reins in their quest for financial security.

New Years is a time for change. Why not make the kind of change that matters most of all – a gift that will bring life and dignity to another person?  

Donating to Heifer International will have a transformative impact on the life of someone in hunger and poverty for many years to come. Families who receive Heifer gifts often expand their ambitions, starting businesses and launching other projects. Communities learn to work together, Passing On the Gift of their animals’ offspring.

So this New Year, make a resolution to change someone else’s life for the better. Instead of a closet organizer, buy a flock of ducks for a family in Tanzania. Instead of a gym membership that may go unused, buy a water buffalo that can provide milk, draft power and manure for a family in the Philippines.

Start the year off right with a resolution that will live up to its promise. To learn more, call (800) 422-0474 or visit to see The Most Important Gift Catalog In The World.

Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Since 1944, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Heifer is currently working in 50 countries, including the U.S., to help families and communities become more self-reliant.

For more information, visit or call (800) 422-1311.