Heifer’s COO, Steve Denne, meets with Nepal’s president

(April 15, 2010) – Steve Denne, in his visit to Heifer International’s Asia region, had the chance during a visit to Nepal to meet with the country’s president, the Honorable Dr. Ram Baran Yadav. Denne, Heifer’s chief operating officer, met with the president at his residence in the capital city of Kathmandu during his visits to Cambodia, Nepal, India and Vietnam.

“There is a lot of work to be done in Nepal,” the president told Denne. “We are still in a state of a political uncertainty. But for organizations like Heifer who work for the people without any political preferences and discriminations, the current situation should not be a problem.”

He suggested Heifer focus more on conflict-ridden areas in the south, areas “in need of a program that helps the people lead better lives and contributes to improving the social cohesion, like Heifer does,” he said.

Following the people’s movement in April 2006—after the 10-year civil war lead by the Maoists—Nepal ousted the monarchy that had ruled the country for 240 years. The president, as the head of state, is leading the legislature in drafting a new constitution, which will take the nation in a new direction.

Heifer has been working in Nepal for 16 years, helping build self-reliant and sustainable communities. As a budding people’s Republic among the world’s superpowers, Nepal needs to take to a similar direction of sustainability and self-reliance. Denne reiterated Heifer’s commitment to helping Nepal and its people.

Among Heifer’s projects in Nepal are programs in the president’s ancestral village of Saphari, in the eastern district of Dhanusa.