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Heifer Foundation

Heifer Foundation

Heifer Foundation is our global partner, managing an endowment to provide ongoing financial support to our work. Heifer Foundation offers a variety of planned charitable giving instruments that enable individuals to help themselves, their loved ones and a world in need.

Simply put, Heifer Foundation and Heifer International are separate nonprofit charitable organizations with distinct purposes. We are global partners that work closely together to support a common mission while meeting the unique individual needs of our donors.

For more than 20 years, Heifer Foundation's mission has been to manage and grow an endowment to provide long-term support for Heifer International. The Foundation's endowment is built through charitable gifts such as cash, property and stock, as well as funds from bequests, trusts and annuities. Some of these planned giving instruments even offer lifetime income payments back to the donor. But all of these gifts are invested, and the investment earnings provide annual support for Heifer for many years into the future.

By carefully investing each charitable gift, the initial donation has a greater impact over a longer period. Each year, a portion of the endowment is provided to Heifer International for our use in ending hunger and poverty. This sustainable cycle of support provides lasting resources for Heifer's sustainable solution to end hunger and poverty.

If Heifer International is a checking account, Heifer Foundation is the savings account. All gifts are invested for the shared mission to help people in the margins of the world.

As a donor, you decide how you want your money to work. A gift to Heifer International provides for immediate needs for our work in the field. A gift to Heifer Foundation is invested to ensure funding for our future work.

Either way, your gift creates hope, offers dignity and forges a way for disadvantaged people around the world to become self-reliant.

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