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Although we walk separate roads and often speak different languages, we share one vision—"a world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet." This vision is realized by staff, volunteers and project partners who are diligently focused on providing education and tools to people all over the world who seek sustainable solutions to end hunger and poverty. The ripple effect continues as our farmers adopt Heifer's vision and join in the mission by assisting their neighbors through Passing on the Gift practices and a commitment to our Cornerstones.

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Alton Brown Explains How Heifer Passes on the Gift

Food Network chef and avid Heifer International supporter Alton Brown explains how Heifer makes a difference through gifts that keep on giving.

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Employees are truly the heart of Heifer International, and are very passionate about the work they do. Find out more about Heifer's Heart.


Heifer International has received numerous awards for its work, its headquarters and its workplace.

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