The end of hunger isn’t a fairy tale

Welcome to the Heifer family. Donors, volunteers, recipients and our teams around the world share a common goal: To end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. It’s a lofty goal, but we know it's achievable. Together we are the family that can create this change.

Together we can make cows fly

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End The Curse. End Poverty.

There have been a number of attempts to snap the Curse of the Billy Goat that supposedly afflicts the Chicago Cubs, but this one might be the best, if only because it’s for a pretty good cause. Heifer International, a charity that looks to end world hunger by handing out livestock along with agricultural training to those in need, is running an “End the Curse” goat drive. Please click the title of the story to read more!


Paintings for Heifer!

My Little Ones Creating Paintings for Heifer! Photos Submitted by Serena G.


Heifer Farm hosted its annual Global Harvest Festival on Oct. 1 & 2

The event featured international crafts and games, live music, delicious food and, of course, farm animals. Photos by Joyce Roberts -


Throwback Thursday – “A Cow A Month,” A Dare And A Prayer

Since 1944, communities, churches, families, and businesses have carried forward the mission of Heifer International by providing a hand for those in need all over the world. The impact of these generous and caring hearts is beyond our imagination. Click the title of this story to read about the tremendous goal the Overseas Relief Committee in North Carolina set on giving 'A Cow A Month" for 1947!


60 Campers from McCormick, SC help to 'Fill The Ark'!

Walt and Jean Wist shared a beautiful letter about their church's opportunity to Fill the Ark! 60 Campers experienced a week of singing, reading, and learning during Camp Grand Safari,at the end of the week they raised over $5,000 for families and communities in need. To read the full letter, please click on the title of this story!


First Congregational Church Members 'Moo'ved to Give

In September, First Congregational Church of Perry Center, NY introduced Heifer International to their congregation because they wanted to expose their members to a variety of different giving opportunities. On the last Sunday of the month they held a Living Gift Market. They had a special focus on cows because in Wyoming County (where their church is located) there are more cows than people! They served cow shaped cookies and milk for refreshments. They also made custom Christmas tree paper ornaments shown in the picture to people who purchased animals. They raised over $500 and chose to buy a cow. Some donations are still coming in, so hopefully they will be able to purchase some chickens as well! Way to go First Congregational Church of Perry Center, NY! We are so grateful for your support.


Global Harvest Festival at Heifer Farm - October 1st & 2nd

Bring the whole family to a fun-filled festival of food and farming this weekend, October 1st & 2nd, at Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA! Celebrate the harvest at home and around the world with their friendly animals and knowledgeable staff.


A Family Visits the Heifer Village during Their Roadtrip

The Rozell Family stopped in for a tour of the Heifer International Village over the weekend. Please click on the title of this article to see photos and read about their experience at the Village!


SHS Principal Puckers Up for a Good Cause

As a principal there are several jobs that have to be done that are not found in any job description. Sacred Heart Principal Dr. Gary Manning can certainly attest to that after what he was asked to do for his students on Thursday afternoon. His assignment: to kiss a goat... Please click the title to read the story!