The end of hunger isn’t a fairy tale

Welcome to the Heifer family. Donors, volunteers, recipients and our teams around the world share a common goal: To end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. It’s a lofty goal, but we know it's achievable. Together we are the family that can create this change.

Together we can make cows fly

See stories of how lives are being transformed around the globe through Heifer's work in more than 20 countries.

Projects & Families

Friendly House - 'A Goat For Beatrice'

"On behalf of the board, staff, children and families, I am pleased to make this donation of $600 to assist with the purchase of goats. I am also very pleased to tell you the wonderful back story of how this donation came to be. Friendly House is a 121-year-old settlement house that offers programs and services to children, families and seniors. Our goal is to build on the strengths of our families, encourage them to do their best and be their best no matter what their age, and never doubt that you have a place in helping to create a better world...." Please click the title of the story to read more!


Letter From Tyler

"Thank you Heifer for doing what you do. I think you are a great organization. You really care about the poor. I researched your organization and I like the gifts you give and the other stuff you do. I think you are a wonderful organization and should keep doing what you are doing." Your friend, Tyler P.


Happy Volunteers

Napa Sonoma Heifer International Volunteers | Photo from Linda Dietiker-Yolo


Letter from St. Maximilian Kolbe 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Graders

"Dear Heifer International, The St. Maximilian Kolbe School 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade raised money by doing chores around the house, donating birthday money, giving allowance money, finding money on the ground, and loosing teeth too. We have $214.24! We think you are a good organization because you help people in need. We took a vote and we would like to buy a llama because they give warm wool. We also want chickens and ducks because of the eggs they provide. People can eat or sell them. With the extra money, please buy bunnies. Thank you for your hard work. Sincerely, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at St. Max"


Bearkats Volunteer Over Spring Break

“I decided to sign up for Bearkat Service Break because I wanted to use my spring break to not only better myself but to help others,” Faith said. “When applying I wasn’t sure which trip I would be picked for, but I knew that each trip would provide me with the opportunity to serve others.” Mass Communications freshman Allison Faith shares why she wanted to participate in the Leadership Initiatives annual Bearkat Service Break... Please click the title to read the rest of the story!


Allen Academy Fourth Graders Passionate about Reading For A Cause

I met Kendra with Heifer International at a literacy conference, and I was immediately intrigued with the idea of having my students read for a good cause. My fourth graders are passionate, and they felt empowered through the lessons, books, and videos from the Read to Feed program. During the weeks we participated in Read to Feed, my students were encouraging each other to read more. They were coming in early to read quietly. They were begging for reading time during the day. They left with extra books in case they ran out at home. I was no longer asking students to read; they were now in charge... Please click the title of the story to read more!


How a Kindergarten Class Bought a Goat (and Why!)

Meet an amazing group of Colchester kindergartners who set out to buy a goat as an act of kindness.


Student Inspires His Community to Make a Difference

"There is an old saying my parents taught me and that is: give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. Heifer international uses that saying as a guideline. Where many charities give struggling people food, or money, or shelter, Heifer gives the means for a steady supply of all of those." ... Please click the link to read the rest of Miles' speech.


The Roeper School Begins the Lunar New Year with Generosity

This February, sixty-one kindergarten and first graders at The Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, are proud to have raised enough money to donate fifty flocks of chicks to Heifer International! As part of a study of Lunar New Year, the students created special clay rooster tiles in honor of 2017 - Year of the Rooster.