Training and Education


Training and Education


Training and education are key to ensure that animals are well cared for, and that participants get the most out of their projects. Participants learn nuts-and-bolts skills such as how to build sturdy pens and grow fodder, but they also receive training in all 12 Cornerstones. Cornerstone training helps participants tap into their own wisdom and strengths, both as individuals and as communities.


You can't solve a problem if you don't know about it, so stay informed of what's happening around you, both locally and globally. Encourage children's curiosity. Support making decent education available worldwide.

Projects & Families

Corbett Prep Students Participate in 9th Read to Feed Initiative!

For nearly a decade, Corbett Prep's first and second graders have turned the books they read during the school year into gifts of livestock and more as they support needy families across the world. The Tampa students have raised an average of $1,000 annually for Heifer International's Read to Feed program. The 2016-17 school year is the ninth year Corbett Prep has participated, and students are determined to break their fundraising record... Please click the title of this story to read more!


Visit Barnyard Animals Downtown at Heifer's New Urban Farm

We've found your new favorite downtown destination: Heifer International's Urban Farm. Located behind Heifer Village in downtown Little Rock just a few blocks from the River Market, this cozy little barnyard features pigs, goats, alpacas, chickens and turkeys. The 3-acre area is also home to a community garden, beehives and butterfly garden. It's like being out in the country — but then you look up and see the Little Rock skyline!


Berryville Students Gain New Viewpoint

Berryville sixth-graders saw the world from a new perspective during their stay at the Heifer Ranch. Delene McCoy, grade 6-12 gifted and talented teacher, took her sixth-grade class on a trip to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville last Monday, Sept. 12, to participate in Heifer International's Global Gateway Program. Please click the title to read about their experience!


Heifer Farm hosted its annual Global Harvest Festival on Oct. 1 & 2

The event featured international crafts and games, live music, delicious food and, of course, farm animals. Photos by Joyce Roberts -


Global Harvest Festival at Heifer Farm - October 1st & 2nd

Bring the whole family to a fun-filled festival of food and farming this weekend, October 1st & 2nd, at Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA! Celebrate the harvest at home and around the world with their friendly animals and knowledgeable staff.


A Family Visits the Heifer Village during Their Roadtrip

The Rozell Family stopped in for a tour of the Heifer International Village over the weekend. Please click on the title of this article to see photos and read about their experience at the Village!