Sharing and Caring


Cooperation and friendship are key components of all Heifer projects. Recipients of animals and trainings are expected to share what they learn with their neighbors. It's not uncommon for Heifer project recipients to share their animals' bounty, too. Families who receive draft animals often help till neighbors' fields, and people with chickens often share eggs.


Most of us have lots to share. Making a donation is an easy thing to do. Volunteering your time to help a nonprofit organization is great, too. But there are smaller ways to share and care that are also meaningful. Taking a meal to an elderly neighbor, offering an afternoon of babysitting to a tired parent or even just picking up litter so the park is nicer for everyone else are excellent ways to show you care.

Projects & Families

Sacred Heart School principal gets slimed for a good cause

Sacred Heart School Assistant Principal Holly Wilson pours slime over Principal Gary Manning at an assembly Thursday morning in the school’s gymnasium. For the second year in a row, Wilson won the “Penny War” for the school’s Christmas Service Project donated to Heifer International. When Manning lost last year, he had to kiss a goat. Please click the title of the story to read more!


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Ms. Armstrong's Class

Ms. Armstrong's Class | Garfield Elementary | Lewistown, MT


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Abigail - Age 7

Our 7 year old wanted to buy a water buffalo as part of her Christmas gift. We offered to match her 50% and she worked hard taking care of neighbor's dogs, extra chores around the house, and saving any money she received as a gift for several months leading up to Christmas. She met her goal!


G'ma & Poppy Running for a Reason!

As I get older, I have started to realize that it doesn't take great acts to change the world, it takes each day looking at each moment and wondering.... "What could I do right now that would make a difference in the world around me?" So, on my granddaughter's first birthday, I thought, hmm... she's over 1100 miles away from me, but I feel just a bit inspired to do something that will make a difference today. I received a notification that Heifer was partnering with the Little Rock Marathon and they were looking for people to sign up and commit to raising funds for Heifer. I don't run - no really - If you see me running, something is chasing me... for real. But I thought, well why not give it a try. People may donate money to Heifer, just to see my updates and laugh at the grandma who finally decided to MOOVE! ... Please click the title of the story to read more!


Deer Creek third graders learn the gift of giving

For Kimberly Ewing’s third grade class at Deer Creek School, the holidays aren’t just about receiving gifts. The students focused their holiday season efforts on giving, earning $1,200 in donations for Heifer International. Heifer will send a representative to give the students a certificate of recognition at 10:30 a.m. Jan. 3.


Oak Middle School 7th Graders Share Their Work at the Heifer Farm

The 7th graders at Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, MA have found a great way to integrate learning about Heifer’s work into their studies. After visiting Heifer Farm Learning Center and learning how Heifer helps families to rise above hunger and poverty, Ella and Hannah and their classmates completed cross-subject learning projects in Social Studies, Science, Math and English Language Arts to deepen their understanding of poverty and to hone their academic skills. Please click the title of this story to read more!


Texas Beekeeper Gives to Honduras Honey Project

I received a catalog for Heifer Int'l in the mail in November. I am a beekeeper in Spring, Texas with a small business selling honey, body butter, lip balm and handmade soap. When I saw the Honduras Honey Bee project I knew it would be a perfect way for my small business to give back. Customers liked it as well and it was great to highlight Heifer Int'l. I was able to give $166 (10% of sales). I hope I can do it again next year! - Just Bee Well


A Million 'Pennies from Heaven'

Mr. Agler, from Rossford United Methodist Church in Rossford, Ohio, has collected over one million pennies in support of Heifer International! Please click the title of this story to read the full article!


Denver, Colorado School Finds Passion For Community Service

Hello! My name is Anna Finkenauer and I am a teacher in Denver, CO. My second grade class has been studying what it means to be a good citizen so we decided to do a service project together. We looked at many different charity organizations and decided on Heifer International because of your mission to empower people in need. We loved to idea of raising money to buy an animal, the students had a blast looking at all the different animals and learning about them. We decided to host a hot chocolate stand after school to raise money. The class came together to create a plan, gather supplies and advertise for it. It was an awesome way for our class to bond and we ended up raising $700! Seeing our whole school come to support our stand was amazing, and many students have found a new passion for community service after this experience. We voted on what animals to buy and decided on a Heifer, a flock of chicks, a goat and two honeybee hives. Thank you for everything your amazing organization does, we are so excited to continue to raise money for Heifer International throughout the year!


3 Weeks, 300 Books!

I am happy to report that my first grade class raised $475 for our Read to Feed Christmas outreach project and read nearly 300 books in 3 weeks. My big-hearted children did this in lieu of exchanging gifts with each other and some gave that money toward the program. Through their efforts, we were able to purchase 3 llamas which will provide annual income for 3 or more needy families in other countries. We learned about the various resources/animals available for purchase through Heifer throughout this process and about some of the children who have benefited from it across the globe. My class has been doing this for 6 years and loving it every year!

Heifer for the Holidays

Lake Shore Senior High raises 'Lake Shore Herd'

The students of Lake Shore Senior High School (Angola, NY, USA) decided to do something a little different and very special this Christmas season. They bought llamas! Through the charity group Heifer International, students raised enough money to purchase three llamas for needy families in Peru. Through a matching grant with the organization, a total of six llamas will be donated. Enough for a "Lake Shore Herd." Llamas provide wool for clothing, milk for food, and transportation in the rugged terrain of the Andes Mountains. By donating the llamas, students are helping feed families and allow the recipients to become more self-reliant. This fundraiser was sponsored by the Lake Shore Flying Eagles Club. Their goal was not only to help families in need, but to increase our student global awareness, become world citizens, and to inspire the spirit of giving. This truly captured the spirit of Christmas. Shown in the photo is Lake Shore senior student Cami J.


Students Finish Up Second Year of Read to Feed!

Our school of Westside Elementary in River Falls, Wisconsin just finished up its second year of Read to Feed and wow, was it a success! Students did an amazing job of reading, logging minutes, learning about how to be a global citizen, and collecting pledges throughout the month of October. Our school meets regularly in Pride Groups, which are two different grade level classrooms paired to participate in an activity based on the monthly character trait. During October, our students focused on learning about citizenship and more specifically how to be a global citizen through Read to Feed... Please click the title of the story to read more!

Heifer for the Holidays

Art Student Finds Way to Give Back for the Holidays

Howdy everyone! My name is Ellie Stokes, and I am a student artist of 14 years, living in San Francisco. I am growing up in an incredibly privileged city and community, and I want to assist communities unlike my own to the best of my efforts through art. This Winter, I want to do my part in honor of this giving season-- not only by donating myself to Heifer, but by getting others to donate. I have recently discovered the website, Redbubble-- a platform for individual artists to sell and display their pieces on merchandise-- and decided to put my many designs' proceeds to good use... Please click the title of the story to read more!