Full Participation


Full Participation


Virtually everyone in communities where Heifer works has something to contribute. Heifer calls everyone to the table, especially women living in cultures where they have traditionally been excluded or undervalued. Decisions affect everyone, and therefore must take everyone's opinions into account.


Think about who will be affected by the decisions you make, and be sure those people's perspectives are taken into account. And more broadly, remember that the fight to end hunger and poverty calls us all to action. Educate yourself. Reach out. Donate. Enlist your friends.

Projects & Families

A Million 'Pennies from Heaven'

Mr. Agler, from Rossford United Methodist Church in Rossford, Ohio, has collected over one million pennies in support of Heifer International! Please click the title of this story to read the full article!


Denver, Colorado School Finds Passion For Community Service

Hello! My name is Anna Finkenauer and I am a teacher in Denver, CO. My second grade class has been studying what it means to be a good citizen so we decided to do a service project together. We looked at many different charity organizations and decided on Heifer International because of your mission to empower people in need. We loved to idea of raising money to buy an animal, the students had a blast looking at all the different animals and learning about them. We decided to host a hot chocolate stand after school to raise money. The class came together to create a plan, gather supplies and advertise for it. It was an awesome way for our class to bond and we ended up raising $700! Seeing our whole school come to support our stand was amazing, and many students have found a new passion for community service after this experience. We voted on what animals to buy and decided on a Heifer, a flock of chicks, a goat and two honeybee hives. Thank you for everything your amazing organization does, we are so excited to continue to raise money for Heifer International throughout the year!

Heifer for the Holidays

Lake Shore Senior High raises 'Lake Shore Herd'

The students of Lake Shore Senior High School (Angola, NY, USA) decided to do something a little different and very special this Christmas season. They bought llamas! Through the charity group Heifer International, students raised enough money to purchase three llamas for needy families in Peru. Through a matching grant with the organization, a total of six llamas will be donated. Enough for a "Lake Shore Herd." Llamas provide wool for clothing, milk for food, and transportation in the rugged terrain of the Andes Mountains. By donating the llamas, students are helping feed families and allow the recipients to become more self-reliant. This fundraiser was sponsored by the Lake Shore Flying Eagles Club. Their goal was not only to help families in need, but to increase our student global awareness, become world citizens, and to inspire the spirit of giving. This truly captured the spirit of Christmas. Shown in the photo is Lake Shore senior student Cami J.


Students Finish Up Second Year of Read to Feed!

Our school of Westside Elementary in River Falls, Wisconsin just finished up its second year of Read to Feed and wow, was it a success! Students did an amazing job of reading, logging minutes, learning about how to be a global citizen, and collecting pledges throughout the month of October. Our school meets regularly in Pride Groups, which are two different grade level classrooms paired to participate in an activity based on the monthly character trait. During October, our students focused on learning about citizenship and more specifically how to be a global citizen through Read to Feed... Please click the title of the story to read more!


St. Francis Hosts School Bazaar

Last month an email was sent out to all the parents of seventh and eighth grade students at St. Francis. The email asked for student volunteers for our annual St. Francis School Bazaar. Our jobs and tasks included selling raffle tickets, selling coffee and water, and serving chicken noodle soup to the guests. When the bazaar was over and we were back at school, a meeting was held for everyone who had volunteered at the bazaar. We were told that we raised about five hundred dollars and that we could choose what we wanted to do with our earnings. We shared our ideas with each other. Some of our ideas were to give the money to a local pet shelter, donate the money to a homeless shelter, and provide an animal to a family that needed it. At first we couldn't come to an agreement on what we should do, so we decided to think about it over the weekend and come back to it later. Over the weekend I was thinking of giving an animal to a family that needed it. But, I didn't know what animals we could donate or how much this would cost. My first thought was to give them a moose, but I thought it over and realized some animals like a cow could offer more to a family than a moose. We got back to school after thinking it over and had another meeting of the student volunteers. Everyone shared their ideas and opinions with the group and we thought about it for awhile. Then as a group we came to the decision of donating the money we earned to buy a cow and give it to a family that needed it. Our reasoning for donating a cow was: it was affordable, the cow had many things to offer, and it could help a family in need.

Heifer for the Holidays

Westminster's Alternative Gift Bazaar

I just wanted share kudos to you from Madeline Ramsey of Westminster Presbyterian Church who said that the support you have provided to her this year for our church's alternative gift bazaar has been the best ever. As you can see from the attached picture, she recruited me to help out. I think we got off to a pretty good start last Sunday and we have our second Bazaar this Sunday. Please give my best wishes for the season to all my Heifer friends.


Rabbits, bees and fish, oh my!

This October, the children of Hyde Park United Methodist in Tampa, FL celebrated and learned about Heifer International during their Sunday morning programming, Sunday Morning Live. The children donated over $520 to Heifer in October through an offering collected during Sunday Morning Live. Please Click the title of the story to read more!!


Corbett Prep Students Participate in 9th Read to Feed Initiative!

For nearly a decade, Corbett Prep's first and second graders have turned the books they read during the school year into gifts of livestock and more as they support needy families across the world. The Tampa students have raised an average of $1,000 annually for Heifer International's Read to Feed program. The 2016-17 school year is the ninth year Corbett Prep has participated, and students are determined to break their fundraising record... Please click the title of this story to read more!


Renbrook School Hosts 13th Heifer Gift Market!

Congratulations to the 6th grade class of Renbrook School in West Hartford, CT for putting on their 13th successful Heifer Gift Market!! Each year, the market features student's informational country displays, live animals and even tasty thematic treats for gift buyers. Thank you for taking action to end hunger and poverty 6th graders!!


North Manchester Hosts 29th Living Gift Market

"My dad (Don Myer) started the Living Gift Market in North Manchester in 1987. We had several churches along with the Timbercrest Retirement Home participate in the market. Manchester University (formerly Manchester College where Dan West went to school) and Timbercrest Retirement Home (where many people that know Dan West live) are a major part of the Gift Market. We brought in $7000 in 1987 and in the 90's, Dad was at his peak when he had 4-5 years with more than $25,000 in donations. My dad passed in October 2005 at age 93 and I continued his work. The picture shows the people who participated in this year's event and many have been involved for more than 20 years..." Please click the title of the story to read more!


Sunday School Helps to Make The World A Better Place

Hyde Park United Methodist Church, Tampa FL Children's Sunday School classes performed a Dan West skit using the book, Faith the Cow. The children successfully filled their Heifer Banks using the Heifer calendar and stories for their Mission Project again this year and were excited to present a check for $529.51 to Heifer. They learned that one person with an idea to help feed hungry children can make the world a better place, if that person has a little "Faith." Joining together they "passed on their gift" to help make a difference through Heifer.


Gifts Across the Globe

The Monsignor King Outreach Center hopes to become a greater sanctuary for those in need, just like the sanctuary they set up shop inside this weekend. Handmade crafts by more than 75 local artisans are being sold to raise money for the shelter during First United Methodist Church of Denton’s 30th annual Alternative Gifts Fair. Joining them at the weekend sale are 35 nonprofits and missions that will receive 100 percent of their earnings from selling fair-trade and eco-friendly merchandise. Please click the title to read the full story!


Berryville Students Gain New Viewpoint

Berryville sixth-graders saw the world from a new perspective during their stay at the Heifer Ranch. Delene McCoy, grade 6-12 gifted and talented teacher, took her sixth-grade class on a trip to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville last Monday, Sept. 12, to participate in Heifer International's Global Gateway Program. Please click the title to read about their experience!


National Novel Month Project - Ashford School, CT

Thanks to students from the Ashford School in CT who visited #HeiferFarm this week to kick-off their unique #NationalNovelMonth project! This November, these students will be writing their own novels, and the budding writers read #WorldArk stories and visited Global Village sites like the USA and Guatemala as inspiration for their settings and characters! What are you all doing for #NationalNovelMonth??