Full Participation


Full Participation


Virtually everyone in communities where Heifer works has something to contribute. Heifer calls everyone to the table, especially women living in cultures where they have traditionally been excluded or undervalued. Decisions affect everyone, and therefore must take everyone's opinions into account.


Think about who will be affected by the decisions you make, and be sure those people's perspectives are taken into account. And more broadly, remember that the fight to end hunger and poverty calls us all to action. Educate yourself. Reach out. Donate. Enlist your friends.

Projects & Families
Projects & Families

Dr. Natzke Visits Rwanda's Dairy Project


Dr. Roger Natzke, former Chairman of the Heifer International Board, recently contacted us regarding his love for the Heifer Project. Over the years, Natzke has had the opportunity to visit Heifer projects in various countries including Rwanda and Nicaragua; to not only share his expertise in Dairy Science, but also to witness how families have lifted themselves out of poverty with the help of Heifer's Hub model. Natzke shares, "I am intimately familiar with the Heifer model designed to alleviate hunger and poverty. Providing poor people, especially women, with an animal gives them a sense of self worth, a means to provide for their family, and finally, a means to support another needy neighbor by passing on the gift." To continue reading about Dr. Natzke's letter and to see more photos, please click the title of the story!


Sixth Grade Social Studies Students Rock!

Our sixth grade social studies students rock! We have been collecting money in hopes of purchasing one goat for $120.00 through Heifer International. We learned a goat will help a family become self-reliant and change its future. We further studied how access to clean water in developing and underdeveloped areas in the world affect middle school aged kids' health, education, and overall well-being. Our hope was that students would understand how much help is needed throughout our world. Our kiddos collected $ 958.00! With this amount we were able to purchase goats, flocks of ducks, geese, and chicks, a pig, and 1 clean water pump! With the May Match anonymous donor, we have made a difference. WOW!


Kindness Counts at Mill Road School

The students at Mill Road School raised $300 for through the Read to Feed program! They vigorously read for 2 months and collected donations from families and friends. They also hosted a craft and bake sale for Heifer International. The students were so excited to look through the catalog and choose their gifts. They settled on 2 goats and an Earth Day Basket. They learned so much through this experience! #kindnesscounts


Heifer International Wall

As a part of having Early Act First Knight on our campus, our service project was to find an injustice globally and raise awareness, find a solution to, or help repair that injustice. We are happy to share that we successfully collected enough money at our elementary school for a Heifer and two flocks of chicks. As part of an incentive we created a wall for those students that helped with raising awareness to ending hunger globally. Our service project was a success and our school family couldn't be more happy about being a part of such a huge impact. Hope you enjoy our picture, we had so much fun decorating our Heifer International Wall!


Second Grade Lemonade Stand

As part of an economics unit, Altamahaw Ossipee Elementary's second grade students learned about donating money. Teachers read their classes the story of Beatrice and her goat to introduce Heifer International to the students, and students then prepared to open a lemonade stand to raise money. We asked parents to donate supplies, and we invited the entire school to visit the stand and purchase a glass of lemonade. It was a huge success! We raised $460.00!!! We used the money to gift a llama, honeybees, a flock of geese, a flock of chicks, a sheep, and a goat. We are so excited to know that we were able to help families around the world!


Rylie Sends a Girl to School

I just have to brag a little and share the story of my daughter, Rylie. She is an 8th grader at Clinton Middle School. Rylie had a school project of researching and reporting on something that she had a passion for. She researched several things on the internet and then found the Heifer International Send a Girl to School. She loved the idea of helping another girl across the world to go to school and have the opportunities that she has. Not only did Rylie report on this project - she raised money for this project. Rylie did a brief report of Heifer at our church one Sunday morning and asked for donations from the congregation and then she held a volleyball tournament at her school during their RTI (Free hour) and charged everyone $1 to participate. She had 20 teams involved including a teacher team. Through both of these events Rylie raised $353.00. She not only had enough to send a girl to school for $275.00 she also put the balance to the Women Self Help Group. I am so proud of her for going above and beyond to help with this amazing project.

Heifer for the Holidays

Celebrating Friendship

Over two decades ago, a group of ladies met each other at a workshop and have been celebrating their friendship every year since. This past Christmas, Afton, Barbara, Cruz, Eleanor, and Gloria wanted to reach out with their support instead of gifting to each other. They researched the organization and decided together that they would give the gift of a goat. Afton wrote, "The goat that will be offered to a family comes with a lot of thought, best wishes, and support. This gift adds to our holiday season as we know it will add to many people's lives." Last year marked their 25th year of friendship! Thank you to Afton, Barbara, Cruz, Eleanor, and Gloria for your generous hearts and support!


Celebration High School Runs for Heifer

This year Celebration High School held a 5K to raise money to support the efforts of Heifer International. I am so happy to say that we had almost 500 students participate and we raised $6000. It was a great day and we look forward to doing it again! This picture is from a petting zoo we had at the end of the race because most of our students have never actually seen farm animals.


Every Child is an Artist

Students at Putnam Indian Field School hosted their annual Art Show, which showcased the beautiful artwork they created throughout the school year. The children adopted Heifer International as the charity to benefit from their work! Throughout the show, they posted their thoughts about what Heifer means to them to help their parents understand the importance of helping others. One student wrote, "Mommy and Daddy want to see our art, and we want to help the people who don't have things to have things and be happy." Please click the title of this story to access the full article!


Friendly House - 'A Goat For Beatrice'

"On behalf of the board, staff, children and families, I am pleased to make this donation of $600 to assist with the purchase of goats. I am also very pleased to tell you the wonderful back story of how this donation came to be. Friendly House is a 121-year-old settlement house that offers programs and services to children, families and seniors. Our goal is to build on the strengths of our families, encourage them to do their best and be their best no matter what their age, and never doubt that you have a place in helping to create a better world...." Please click the title of the story to read more!


Seoul School exceeds goal of 8,000,000 Won!

Justin Chang, now a Junior at Seoul International School (SIS), has participated in Heifer's Read to Feed program since he was in the 4th grade. To continue this annual tradition, this March, Justin gave a presentation to SIS Elementary students about Heifer's work in South Korea during the 1950's. His speech inspired students at SIS to get involved and help families in Nepal continue to recover from the horrific damage that came after the 2014 earthquake. Their goal was to raise 8,000,000 Korean Won this year, and they exceeded it! Please click the title of the article to read Justin's letter to Heifer International!


Letter from St. Maximilian Kolbe 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Graders

"Dear Heifer International, The St. Maximilian Kolbe School 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade raised money by doing chores around the house, donating birthday money, giving allowance money, finding money on the ground, and loosing teeth too. We have $214.24! We think you are a good organization because you help people in need. We took a vote and we would like to buy a llama because they give warm wool. We also want chickens and ducks because of the eggs they provide. People can eat or sell them. With the extra money, please buy bunnies. Thank you for your hard work. Sincerely, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders at St. Max"


Bearkats Volunteer Over Spring Break

“I decided to sign up for Bearkat Service Break because I wanted to use my spring break to not only better myself but to help others,” Faith said. “When applying I wasn’t sure which trip I would be picked for, but I knew that each trip would provide me with the opportunity to serve others.” Mass Communications freshman Allison Faith shares why she wanted to participate in the Leadership Initiatives annual Bearkat Service Break... Please click the title to read the rest of the story!


How a Kindergarten Class Bought a Goat (and Why!)

Meet an amazing group of Colchester kindergartners who set out to buy a goat as an act of kindness.


The Roeper School Begins the Lunar New Year with Generosity

This February, sixty-one kindergarten and first graders at The Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, are proud to have raised enough money to donate fifty flocks of chicks to Heifer International! As part of a study of Lunar New Year, the students created special clay rooster tiles in honor of 2017 - Year of the Rooster.


Providence Day Students Collect Over $10,000 For Families

"Every two years in Charlotte, North Carolina, Providence Day School's Lower School students, Grades TK thru 5th Grades, come together to work on a Heifer Project. As a former faculty member and Southeastern Heifer Volunteer, I adapted the "Chores for Change" Project to age-appropriate activities for our Lower School students. A voluntary group of Fifth Graders take a leadership role by working with me to develop programs to present to their chosen grade level to kick off our Heifer Project and to plan an all-Lower School Closing Program at the end of the Project.... This year's project only lasted 3 1/2 weeks due to other scheduling conflicts, but I am proud to say our children rose to the meet the needs of others around the world by raising $10,300.00."


Kingdom Chorale sings Hymns for Heifer

As a children's choir director, I am always looking for ways to incorporate hymns into the curriculum. Using hymns as a fundraiser for Heifer International seemed a perfect match. Eighteen members of the Kingdom Chorale, the 2nd - 5th grade children's choir from Bartlett United Methodist Church in Bartlett, TN participated in a fundraiser we called Hymns for Heifer and raised over $2500. Please click the title to read the story!