Participants in Heifer projects, including Heifer staff, partner organizations and the communities being helped, are mutually accountable to each other and must work together to achieve common goals. Heifer provides livestock, supplies, expertise and support, while project participants reciprocate with hard work and a pledge to pass on what they learn and receive.



We're all part of communities, from the family level to the global level, so we must be accountable for the resources we use and the actions we take. Taking responsibility for our place in the world can take many forms: Recycling, volunteering and taking a genuine interest in the people and happenings around you are just a few. Make a list of ways you can be accountable to your family, friends and community and refer to it throughout the year.

Projects & Families
Projects & Families

Throwback Thursday - Heifers For Korea

4 Holstein Heifers donated to Mennonite Vocational School, South Korea by Heifer Project in 1962 | Left to Right: Paul Hochstetler, Ag. Advisor, Kim Byung Chuc, Farm Manager, & Kim Joh Oak, Herdsman


Sixth Grade Social Studies Students Rock!

Our sixth grade social studies students rock! We have been collecting money in hopes of purchasing one goat for $120.00 through Heifer International. We learned a goat will help a family become self-reliant and change its future. We further studied how access to clean water in developing and underdeveloped areas in the world affect middle school aged kids' health, education, and overall well-being. Our hope was that students would understand how much help is needed throughout our world. Our kiddos collected $ 958.00! With this amount we were able to purchase goats, flocks of ducks, geese, and chicks, a pig, and 1 clean water pump! With the May Match anonymous donor, we have made a difference. WOW!


Rylie Sends a Girl to School

I just have to brag a little and share the story of my daughter, Rylie. She is an 8th grader at Clinton Middle School. Rylie had a school project of researching and reporting on something that she had a passion for. She researched several things on the internet and then found the Heifer International Send a Girl to School. She loved the idea of helping another girl across the world to go to school and have the opportunities that she has. Not only did Rylie report on this project - she raised money for this project. Rylie did a brief report of Heifer at our church one Sunday morning and asked for donations from the congregation and then she held a volleyball tournament at her school during their RTI (Free hour) and charged everyone $1 to participate. She had 20 teams involved including a teacher team. Through both of these events Rylie raised $353.00. She not only had enough to send a girl to school for $275.00 she also put the balance to the Women Self Help Group. I am so proud of her for going above and beyond to help with this amazing project.

Heifer for the Holidays

Celebrating Friendship

Over two decades ago, a group of ladies met each other at a workshop and have been celebrating their friendship every year since. This past Christmas, Afton, Barbara, Cruz, Eleanor, and Gloria wanted to reach out with their support instead of gifting to each other. They researched the organization and decided together that they would give the gift of a goat. Afton wrote, "The goat that will be offered to a family comes with a lot of thought, best wishes, and support. This gift adds to our holiday season as we know it will add to many people's lives." Last year marked their 25th year of friendship! Thank you to Afton, Barbara, Cruz, Eleanor, and Gloria for your generous hearts and support!

Projects & Families

Throwback Thursday - Baby Jersey with Mother

This picture shows the baby jersey and mother jersey. It was taken about two weeks after the birth. | Sung Ji won Orphanage, 1963

Projects & Families

Throwback Thursday - Goat Facts

Pamphlet produced by Heifer Project during the 1940's & 50's


Florence Mattison Elementary wears Caps for Coins

Students at Florence Mattison Elementary School raised $650 for Heifer International during the school’s Caps for Coins project this month. Principal Stacy DeFoor said the student council spearheaded the one-day fundraising event that allowed students who brought in loose change to wear hats. Please click the title of the story to read more!


G'ma & Poppy Running for a Reason!

As I get older, I have started to realize that it doesn't take great acts to change the world, it takes each day looking at each moment and wondering.... "What could I do right now that would make a difference in the world around me?" So, on my granddaughter's first birthday, I thought, hmm... she's over 1100 miles away from me, but I feel just a bit inspired to do something that will make a difference today. I received a notification that Heifer was partnering with the Little Rock Marathon and they were looking for people to sign up and commit to raising funds for Heifer. I don't run - no really - If you see me running, something is chasing me... for real. But I thought, well why not give it a try. People may donate money to Heifer, just to see my updates and laugh at the grandma who finally decided to MOOVE! ... Please click the title of the story to read more!


What Team Heifer Means to Kendra

I signed up for Team Heifer to inspire me to take on a bigger challenge than any I had done before. I have a group of friends that I have trained with in the past, and they were encouraging me to try a full Ironman race, but I just didn’t have the motivation. I felt that if I was going to put in that much work, time, and money, I would need something even more powerful than just a finish line to keep me going on cold, rainy, or windy days. I challenged my friends to donate the equivalent of the cost of the race to Heifer as a way for me to know that this race would mean more – I wouldn’t have to feel guilty that I was spending so much on a race when other people are struggling just to survive AND I would know that people were counting on me finishing which creates accountability when I just want to sleep in... Please click the title of the story to read more!

Heifer for the Holidays

Lake Shore Senior High raises 'Lake Shore Herd'

The students of Lake Shore Senior High School (Angola, NY, USA) decided to do something a little different and very special this Christmas season. They bought llamas! Through the charity group Heifer International, students raised enough money to purchase three llamas for needy families in Peru. Through a matching grant with the organization, a total of six llamas will be donated. Enough for a "Lake Shore Herd." Llamas provide wool for clothing, milk for food, and transportation in the rugged terrain of the Andes Mountains. By donating the llamas, students are helping feed families and allow the recipients to become more self-reliant. This fundraiser was sponsored by the Lake Shore Flying Eagles Club. Their goal was not only to help families in need, but to increase our student global awareness, become world citizens, and to inspire the spirit of giving. This truly captured the spirit of Christmas. Shown in the photo is Lake Shore senior student Cami J.


Berryville Students Gain New Viewpoint

Berryville sixth-graders saw the world from a new perspective during their stay at the Heifer Ranch. Delene McCoy, grade 6-12 gifted and talented teacher, took her sixth-grade class on a trip to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville last Monday, Sept. 12, to participate in Heifer International's Global Gateway Program. Please click the title to read about their experience!


National Novel Month Project - Ashford School, CT

Thanks to students from the Ashford School in CT who visited #HeiferFarm this week to kick-off their unique #NationalNovelMonth project! This November, these students will be writing their own novels, and the budding writers read #WorldArk stories and visited Global Village sites like the USA and Guatemala as inspiration for their settings and characters! What are you all doing for #NationalNovelMonth??

Projects & Families

Throwback Thursday - Sending Heifers Overseas

When Heifer International was founded in 1944, Dan West and his fellow brethren started sending heifers overseas for war relief efforts. Seagoing cowboys would volunteer to help transport the animals! Heifer Int'l has now started purchasing the livestock within the local country, which helps funnel money back into the local economy where the animals are purchased. According to this advertisement in 1946, the cost of purchasing a heifer and sending it overseas was $160. Now a Heifer can be purchased within the country for $500.