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Your stories of kindness and generosity continue to amaze us. You make the world a better place and with your help Heifer is able to reach more people. From donating, fundraising and volunteering, we are proud to share your stories. Tell us about you by clicking here to upload your pictures and stories.

Projects & Families

#TeamHeifer Runner Inspired After Disaster

"I was stuck indoors for a week during Hurricane Harvey and not being able to run (first world problems!) and thinking about how developing nations are devastated by natural disasters..." Please click the title of the story to read what inspires Miss Osuan to make a difference around the world!


Throwback Thursday - Heifer Honeymoon

In Oct. 1950, Pratt & Julia Byrd traveled to Germany with the Heifer Project to transport heifers to families in need while celebrating their Honeymoon in Europe! Please click this photo to read the article written by Mrs. Byrd.


Happy Volunteers

Napa Sonoma Heifer International Volunteers | Photo from Linda Dietiker-Yolo


Bearkats Volunteer Over Spring Break

“I decided to sign up for Bearkat Service Break because I wanted to use my spring break to not only better myself but to help others,” Faith said. “When applying I wasn’t sure which trip I would be picked for, but I knew that each trip would provide me with the opportunity to serve others.” Mass Communications freshman Allison Faith shares why she wanted to participate in the Leadership Initiatives annual Bearkat Service Break... Please click the title to read the rest of the story!


Visit Barnyard Animals Downtown at Heifer's New Urban Farm

We've found your new favorite downtown destination: Heifer International's Urban Farm. Located behind Heifer Village in downtown Little Rock just a few blocks from the River Market, this cozy little barnyard features pigs, goats, alpacas, chickens and turkeys. The 3-acre area is also home to a community garden, beehives and butterfly garden. It's like being out in the country — but then you look up and see the Little Rock skyline!


Pleasant Valley Students 'Pay it Forward'

"Why Heifer? I'm a farmer's daughter and I know that Heifer's mission to provide communities around the world with gifts of livestock, etc. and passing on the gift to another family in need, is working." Educator and Heifer Community Volunteer, Deb Hay, shares with us her passion for supporting Heifer's Mission. Please click the title of this story to read more!


Berryville Students Gain New Viewpoint

Berryville sixth-graders saw the world from a new perspective during their stay at the Heifer Ranch. Delene McCoy, grade 6-12 gifted and talented teacher, took her sixth-grade class on a trip to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville last Monday, Sept. 12, to participate in Heifer International's Global Gateway Program. Please click the title to read about their experience!


Throwback Thursday - Heifers for Relief in Czechoslovakia

The Family of Kysuconova. Grandmother, parents and 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl are thanking most heartily for the generous gift of a fine cow given to them from the American friends of Czechoslovakia; this cow is their saviour from starvation.


Throwback Thursday - Heifers for Relief in Western Germany

This map shows the areas where heifers were distributed in Western Germany through August 15th, 1950. They reached their immediate goal for this project of 1,200 heifers.