Heifer for the Holidays

We are changing lives this Holiday Season

There are so many ways to share the joy of giving a life-changing gift with your friends and family during the holidays! The issues of hunger and poverty continue to affect far too many, and Heifer International has helped 20.7 million families worldwide overcome these issues. This holiday season we thank you for choosing to give together. Truly, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Heifer for the Holidays

Celebrating Friendship

Over two decades ago, a group of ladies met each other at a workshop and have been celebrating their friendship every year since. This past Christmas, Afton, Barbara, Cruz, Eleanor, and Gloria wanted to reach out with their support instead of gifting to each other. They researched the organization and decided together that they would give the gift of a goat. Afton wrote, "The goat that will be offered to a family comes with a lot of thought, best wishes, and support. This gift adds to our holiday season as we know it will add to many people's lives." Last year marked their 25th year of friendship! Thank you to Afton, Barbara, Cruz, Eleanor, and Gloria for your generous hearts and support!

Heifer for the Holidays

Lake Shore Senior High raises 'Lake Shore Herd'

The students of Lake Shore Senior High School (Angola, NY, USA) decided to do something a little different and very special this Christmas season. They bought llamas! Through the charity group Heifer International, students raised enough money to purchase three llamas for needy families in Peru. Through a matching grant with the organization, a total of six llamas will be donated. Enough for a "Lake Shore Herd." Llamas provide wool for clothing, milk for food, and transportation in the rugged terrain of the Andes Mountains. By donating the llamas, students are helping feed families and allow the recipients to become more self-reliant. This fundraiser was sponsored by the Lake Shore Flying Eagles Club. Their goal was not only to help families in need, but to increase our student global awareness, become world citizens, and to inspire the spirit of giving. This truly captured the spirit of Christmas. Shown in the photo is Lake Shore senior student Cami J.

Heifer for the Holidays

Art Student Finds Way to Give Back for the Holidays

Howdy everyone! My name is Ellie Stokes, and I am a student artist of 14 years, living in San Francisco. I am growing up in an incredibly privileged city and community, and I want to assist communities unlike my own to the best of my efforts through art. This Winter, I want to do my part in honor of this giving season-- not only by donating myself to Heifer, but by getting others to donate. I have recently discovered the website, Redbubble-- a platform for individual artists to sell and display their pieces on merchandise-- and decided to put my many designs' proceeds to good use... Please click the title of the story to read more!

Heifer for the Holidays

Westminster's Alternative Gift Bazaar

I just wanted share kudos to you from Madeline Ramsey of Westminster Presbyterian Church who said that the support you have provided to her this year for our church's alternative gift bazaar has been the best ever. As you can see from the attached picture, she recruited me to help out. I think we got off to a pretty good start last Sunday and we have our second Bazaar this Sunday. Please give my best wishes for the season to all my Heifer friends.

Heifer for the Holidays

Terrence Chose a Basket of Hope

The featured card reads: "Three family members were given $50.00 to give to a cause that they wished to support. My son chose Heifer and wishes to buy a Basket of Hope. Blessings to the entire Heifer family worldwide. Jan R." Jan also included a quote from her son: "This Basket of Hope is sure to make any family happy and help them turn their hopes into realities. Terrence" We would like to thank Jan and her son, Terrence, for the thoughtful donation! We at Heifer International have found that donors come up with the most creative ways of donating. Each and every donation helps; together we have power over poverty and hunger!