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Loyal Donor Inspires Others to Save the World

Enclosed please find a contribution to Heifer. This is in honor of my wife Linda L. Harlan. In about 2011, our church sent several members, including Linda and myself, to Arkansas to the Ranch. Olivia Heisner, who grew up in our church (Trinity Presbyterian Church, Columbia, MO) was at Heifer for a year before starting college. She was a wonderful singer and was a theater major. But did she really want to try to go to Broadway? The theory was that she would take a year away from theater and then she would know if that was her calling. (Click on the title of this story to read more about Timothy and his wife, Linda!)


The Penny Parade to Help Heifer International Continues

For the fifth year children attending Kids Summer Day Camp at the First Baptist Church in Girard have given their support to Heifer International by collecting their pennies. Click the title of this story to read more!


Hoof It for Heifer

United States of America

In 2012 we began a 20k trail run. Hoof It for Heifer is held on the Boy Scouts of America hiking trail in Petit Jean State Park atop Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton, AR. The popularity of the run among trail runners has increased each year and with that we have been able to increase the amount we give to Heifer. We held our fourth run in April 2015 with 126 runners registered. Click the title of the story to read more...


In Honor of Heifer's 70th Anniversary


The Heifer International Sacramento Volunteers held a community celebration for Heifer's 70th Anniversary. The event featured chicks to hold, activities to engage and speakers to inspire. Bill Beck (pictured), one of the original Heifer seagoing cowboys, and Rosa Rodriguez, Heifer Ecuador Country Director, were featured speakers at the event. Everyone enjoyed the chance to reconnect and gain renewed dedication to support Heifer's work.


Sonoma/Napa Volunteers Increase Heifer's Visibility

Heifer International volunteers may be small in number but have accomplished large things. A recent example was participating in the Heirloom Seed Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. Click the title of this story to read more...


A Heifer Farm Volunteer is Uplifted

Groups like the 7th graders from Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts remind me of the importance to keep trying and keep teaching and being certain that ending hunger and poverty and caring for the earth is not a fantasy that Dan West had in 1939 and acted on in 1944. Heifer's mission is an ongoing reality that I am proud to be part of and extremely pleased to share with participants of all ages. Click the title of this story to read more...


A Crisis Solved (For a Time)

At an environmental festival, the event table for Heifer International was set up in the same way we had done it hundreds of times before, but this time we were not getting any visitors. Something was wrong. Click the title of this story to read more...


Country Director Inspires Volunteer


Pat Sayer-Handley volunteers for Heifer International in Sacramento, CA, pictured here with Irene Muwanguzi, Country Director for Uganda. When asked why she volunteers with Heifer, here's what Pat said: "Living through the 60's, I learned to question the effectiveness of organizations carrying out their mission. So when I was introduced to Heifer International, I examied the organization carefully. Were the programs creating self-reliant women and families? Were the programs working to care for the earth? The answers were 'yes' and Irene's leadership has helped me further my understanding of the work of Heifer International. I continue as an ardent supporter of Heifer International."