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The WiLD Mama Bear of Virginia Tech


According to the WiLD (Women in Livestock Development) site on Heifer’s Intranet Platform, a WiLD woman is a woman who is “making a difference in their lives and the lives of the families and communities where Heifer works.”


Students from Purdue University, Banat Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine University (Romania) 2010

Dr. Mark Russell, along with other faculty from Purdue’s Agronomy Department, co-led a class called “Exploring International Animal Industries” on a visit to Romania.


Community Education Volunteer Spotlight: Dorn Van Dommelen

Geography 101 is not one of those college courses that immediately grabs one’s attention.  For most, it is simply another three hours closer to a degree, a bridge to cross along the way to a recognition of higher learning.  Few would expect their life to be changed in a 1 year geography survey class, right?  And often the teaching of those classes is the begrudging grunt-work of professors who would rather be working on a soon-to-be published article or research grant, correct?  Not necessarily.