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The poor are not responsible for their poverty and misery. Most of them struggle in conditions that are subhuman, dangerous, full of disease, hunger and despair.
Pierre Ferrari
Projects & Families
If you want to make yourself happy, serve others. If you want to make others happy, serve others.
Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International speaking at the 2015 YNPN National Conference & Leaders Institute
I am a woman among women, and my family is well respected in the village
Gagnessiri Ndiaye,
Projects & Families

Clementine Montessori School Celebrates Earth Day with Heifer International


The students at Clementine Montessori School in Philadelphia, PA have been learning about the work of Heifer International all year. We've read books about worms and chickens, about Beatrice's goat, about good gardens and cows. We tasted honey when we studied how bees help people, drank goat's milk and ate goat cheese, cleaned alpaca fleece and learned big words, like "sustainability" and "faith." Click the title of this story to read more...


First Presbyterian Church of East Hampton is Raising Funds for Heifer Nepal


First Presbyterian is raising funds for the Heifer Nepal project participants affected by the recent earthquakes. We hope these eye-catching posters help them reach their goal! First Presbyterian can be reached at

Projects & Families

The Sound of Frogs


In May 2013, I was travelling to Cambodia with the Heifer team working on training their Community Animal Health Workers. Click the title of this story to read more...


Country Director Inspires Volunteer


Pat Sayer-Handley volunteers for Heifer International in Sacramento, CA, pictured here with Irene Muwanguzi, Country Director for Uganda. When asked why she volunteers with Heifer, here's what Pat said: "Living through the 60's, I learned to question the effectiveness of organizations carrying out their mission. So when I was introduced to Heifer International, I examied the organization carefully. Were the programs creating self-reliant women and families? Were the programs working to care for the earth? The answers were 'yes' and Irene's leadership has helped me further my understanding of the work of Heifer International. I continue as an ardent supporter of Heifer International."