Projects & Families
Projects & Families

Seeing Poverty With a New Lens


This episode was a life-changer. It totally shifted my paradigm to what Sharing and Caring is all about. Where before I lived without caring whether I made a difference in other people’s lives, that day I vowed with great resolve to share whatever I can with the needy. I will sincerely give, and more.

Projects & Families
Projects & Families

A Spotlight on Poverty in Canada

While poverty in Canada doesn't look like poverty in un-industrialized nations, it exists nonetheless.


Church of the Brethren

Church of the Brethren consortium holding series of fundraising events benefiting Heifer International.


Big Moo Canoe


The Big Moo Canoe is raising awareness and donations for Heifer International's REACH program — the largest animal project of its kind in Haiti's history.

Projects & Families