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Young Niece Inspires Giving

Ella was a lover of goats, passionate about protecting the environment and committed to the work of Heifer International. Click the title of this story to read more...


In Memory of a Beloved Teacher

Becky, a beloved 6th grade teacher at Austin Academy in Garland, TX, passed away a year ago in a tragic motorcycle accident. Her school decided to honor her memory by donating to Heifer International. Becky's co-worker and friend, Mindy, was kind enough to allow us to share their story. Click the title of this story to read more...


The Gift of a Goat: A Poem to Honor Katherine Ahern Habing

What do you give someone who is 94 years old, has lived a very full life, downsized her home of 51 years and moved to a small, assisted-living apartment? And since that someone, as in my mother's case, is an individual who has spent much of her life giving to others, the gift of a goat from Heifer International would be perfectly appropriate! I am well known in my family for coming up with poems for special occasions, so of course it was expected that I would write one to accompany this gift.


Emma Remembered Through Gift

My gift to Heifer is a gift to Emma as well. Flowers and cards seemed wrong, but I knew it was no coincidence that I thought of Heifer International to remember her by. I know her family will also appreciate it because the message Heifer spreads is one that they share.


23 WAYS to Celebrate a Life

Noel died June 30, 2012 at the age of 23. Noel loved animals, and so the attraction to Heifer International as one of the 23 projects to celebrate his life. We hope the goal of 23 WAYS grows to share the impact that Noel made on all of us who knew him.


Photo Safari Inspires Donation


Last month, for the February school break, I took my 6th grade daughter on a photo safari to Kenya. Just today I published a post in my blog about how my visit to Kenya impressed upon me the need to make a donation to Heifer International.