Projects & Families

Good Deeds for Goats

Dear Heifer International, I have the pleasure of being the representative for 12 families in Oak Park, IL, who participated in a homegrown program we called "Good Deeds for Goats." In November and December 2013 each family created its own strategy for how our children could help to earn money that would go toward a donation to your organization. Some families opted to contribute money each day as they reflected on how each family member made the world a better place. Others used it as a strategy to jumpstart taking responsibility and completing chores. Whatever the approach, each child involved had the opportunitiy to act and reflect in order to benefit families far away from here. We are proud to share our collective contribution of $360. With this donation we would like to give the gift of the following animals to families in need: - 2 Goats - 2 Honeybees - 3 Flocks of chicks Most sincerely, Alison Welch


Helping Families like Beatrice's

The Modern Media class at Towson University, located in Maryland, is made of up international students from around the world who are studying English as a Second Language. These students read an article about Beatrice Biira and were very inspired by Beatrice’s story. Beatrice was a young girl in Uganda whose life was radically changed when Heifer International donated a goat to her poor family...


Three Little Pigs

What fun we had in Sunday School raising money for 3 Little Pigs for Heifer International during Lent this year! We are a small church, so our goal was to raise money for one pig but our colorful piggy banks inspired many givers. Each Sunday School student painted a small piggy bank and we lined them up under a bulletin board display featuring pigs colored by children of all ages. Even visitors were moved to give! Thank you for this opportunity, Heifer International!


Students Learn They Can Make a Big Difference


Mrs. Pincus' 3rd grade students at H.B. Brunner Elementary School raised almost $900 and they did it all on their own initiative! After reading the book "Give A Goat" by Jan Schrock, the students learned about Heifer International and found out they could donate money to people in Uganda who need food. In the end, the students raised an incredible $892.94.


Seven Things About Mt. Kilimanjaro


Recently I accompanied several employees of corporate supporter Elanco as they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and raised money for Heifer International. The trek was challenging and magnificent. Here are a few things that other sources may not tell you about climbing the highest mountain in Africa.