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Foxcroft Junior Class Walkathon

Orange, pink, yellow, blue and more covered the Foxcroft campus on Friday during the Class of 2017’s Junior Class Walkathon. Following the previous year’s theme of a color run, students and faculty enjoyed the warm weather and sunny day to raise money for a great cause--Heifer International. Click on the title of this story to read more!


Elizabeth Starts a Fundraiser at Her School

My Grandma introduced me to Heifer International when I was 5 or 6 years old. It was near Christmas and she got a magazine, thought it was junk mail and was looking through it. She started reading about Heifer. Then I came over and she asked me, "Do you want to give a trio of rabbits to a family somewhere in the world?" I said, "Sure" and she told me all about Heifer. Now I am 10 years old and I have been giving to Heifer for a long time. I just love Heifer and it is an organization that helps poor people. I wanted my 4th grade class to know about Heifer and how they can help families. I talked with a teacher at my school and asked for help. We worked on a presentation to share with the 4th graders teaching them about Heifer. Then I made a flyer to go home with all the 4th graders. Then they had 2 weeks to donate money to Heifer. After the 2 weeks I counted all the money and we came out with $150.13. I want to buy an irrigation pump because I know water is very important. You can make food with it and you can drink it. I hope my donation impacts the world! Submitted by Elizabeth S.


A Very Determined Donor Hopes to Spread Happiness

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am 8-years old. I raised money by making bracelets and instead of Christmas presents, I asked for money. So please buy a goat and (a flock of) chicken(s) with the money I raised! Happy Valentine's Day! Hannah PS: I hope I make a family happy.


Classroom Fundraiser Grows into School-Wide Effort

Please accept this donation not just from me, but as a gift from North Park Elementary School. Let me explain how this came about. When I received the Heifer International (gift) catalog at my home, I decided to see if my principal would approve it as a class fundraiser. Needless to say, she did, so the class fundraiser grew into a school-wide fundraiser! All we asked for were donations of loose change and we call our fundraiser, "Change to Change the World." (Along with an introductory letter we wrote to help students, families and teachers learn more about your orgainzation and mission) some teachers also read Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier, which contains an afterward by Hillary Clinton that mentions Heifer International. In the end we collected $229.76 in loose change as well as $89 in bills. The students were so proud to see the level of generosity found within our school community! So, on behalf of the North Park Elementary community, please accept our donation and use it in any way that will support the communities in need most. Thank you for what you are doing!


An Ark from United Church of Christ in Stanfordville

It is with great pleasure that we have enclosed a check for $5,000 to give an Ark through Heifer International. Our small, rural congregation initially established this goal 2 1/2 years ago. We have been steadily working toward it using various fundraising efforts. It has truly been a group effort in that money was received from our Sunday School children, our youth group, our women's fellowship, Sunday mission offerings and individual donations. We support in the work of Heifer, especially the idea of Passing on the Gift. We are excited at the prospect of our gift multiplying to provide sustainability, self-reliance and hope to people around the globe. We are blessed and grateful to be able to share this gift. Thank you for the opportunity to reach far beyond our small town to give assistance to those who need it most.


A Well-Traveled Donor Gives to Vietnam


Dear Heifer, I am a teacher in the small, rural school of West Greene District in PA. I also love travel, and do so frequently with my fiancee and have organized an International Club at my school. My fiancee and I have been to numerous countries (17 for me, 38 for him--he is a retired US Marine), and the students have raised money and in the last four years have traveled to England, France, Greece and Italy. They are currently fundraising for the next trip in 2017, a return to London and Paris, albeit with a new group. I do my best to open the world and its experiences to my students, many of whom have never traveled outside of their own state, let alone another country. I try to expose them to the sometimes vast differences between the life they know in the US and that of others in various countries. To that end, I encourage donations whenever possible. In the past, the West Greene International Club has donated twice to Cambodia, a country near to my heart after visiting there. Our last donation was a few months ago, and we received a lovely certificate from Heifer, which is proudly displayed in my classroom. With that certificate came a note concerning Heifer's latest project spotlight--Vietnam--which I immediately showed to my students. I have also visited that beautiful country and showed my photos to the students and told them about the people there. In the spirit of Christmas, my students brought in donations--single dollars, coins, pennies, etc. A fellow teacher donated as well. We proudly enclose our check for $50. Warm regards, Rebecca M.


Beatrice's Goat Inspires More Classroom Giving


Dear Heifer International, The fifth grade class at Des Arc Elementary recently read the book Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier, about a young girl in Uganda whose family was drastically improved because they were gifted a goat from Heifer International. The class decided instead of exchanging Christmas presents, they would like to try to collect enough money to purchase a goat and help those less fortunate. It is our hope that other classes as well as schools will follow suit and give to such a wonderful organization. With love, Des Arc Elementary 5th grade class


A Quick Note from Emmanuel Episcopal Church

We send you love and some animals--sheep, chicks, bees. I hope you enjoy these animals. Love, Emmanual Sunday School


Year-Long Fundraiser Brings in Generous Donation

Dear Heifer International, The Sunday School class in our small church here in Cape Elizabeth, Maine raised money all of last year to sponsor animals through your organization. We were delighted to raise $708! We would like to sponsor two goats, a sheep, a llama, and a Flock of Hope (the kids voted). Thank you for your good work! Carol Hubbard Sunday School Teacher Ruth Morrison Pastor Cape Elizabeth UMC


Team 23 at Sycamore Elementary School Donates $890

Dear Heifer, "Team 23," as our classroom community calls itself, is excited to enclose a donation of $890.00 to Heifer International! This money is a combination of a student run hot chocolate sales, extra chores done around the house, and spare change collected by the students as well as teacher and parent contributions. We are excited that this donation will be matched by the generous donor you mentioned on your website! The students spent time in groups looking through the Heifer gift catalog and discussing the merits of the different animals. They would like their donation to purchase a heifer, a goat, a llama and a pig. The students also took time to make some cards and write some notes about their experiences learning about and donating to Heifer International! Sincerely, Cindy Erhart


Lamb of God School's Service Project

...I thought you would enjoy this--enclosed are letters from my students to you. Also, one teacher wrote what our K-8 students gave to the "Beatrice's Goat Service Project" (Bea Project) to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas" song. You can sing it easily to the melody of that song. We called it the Beatrice's Goat Service Project, but the money was going to Heifer International for the animals, irrigation pump, tree seedlings and honeybees. Click the title of this story to read more!


The Preacher Wears the PJs

January 22, 2016 To Whom It May Concern, We are a small church in a town called Shriever, Louisiana. I teach the older Sunday School class with only 2 students regularly. We did a fundraiser with the preacher and his wife. They agreed that if the boys/men gave the most money than the preacher's wife would have to wear pig pjs and if the girls/women gave the most money than the preacher would have to wear the pig pjs. As you can see from the picture, you can guess who won. Thought you would get a laugh out of this! Our Sunday School class would like to purchase with our $395.00: 2 pigs A trio of rabbits A hive of honeybees A flock of geese A flock of chicks A flock of ducks Thank you! Dawn Terracina Teacher


Books Make the World Better

At Two Rivers Elementary School we always have a theme for our reading month and this year I decided to make our theme "Books Make the World Better." I chose projects that could show kids that they can make a real difference in the world with books. The big project we decided to do was the Heifer International Read to Feed program. Our goal was to raise $700, enough for a cow and the supplies needed to care for the cow. Students were encouraged to find 4 sponsors who would sponsor them for one penny a page. We chose a penny because I wanted the kids to see that when you work together as a group it does not take a lot to make a big difference! Well, this idea took off and our students raised $982 surpassing their goal! I decided to also sponsor myself to bring it up to an even $1,000. Now we could donate another animal. But it gets even better! After I announced how successful our students had been, how proud I was of them and how hard our students worked, our PTA made an announcement of their own. They were so impressed at our students efforts and they believe that we can all make a big difference in the world when we work together, so they matched another $500 bringing our total money raised to $1,500. The kids are now in the difficult deciding process of figuring out what other animals we will be donating. I am so proud of our school and I truly loved the message an conversations that were encouraged by deciding to make the world better. Submitted by Jessica Esperanza, Library Tech, Two Rivers Elementary School, Sacramento, CA


100th Day of School Brings 100s of Pennies

I am a first grade teacher at a Catholic school. Part of our social studies and religion standards are helping others. In accordance with the 100th day of school as well as skip counting, I began a penny drive. I showed my students the Heifer International website and we discussed their purpose and how they help families around the world. I told them we would collect the pennies and add them up and see what we could buy. They, of course, wanted to buy a heifer. They began bringing in pennies and we counted and wrapped them. They brought in over $70 worth of pennies. We voted on the animals and chose a flock of ducks, a flock of chicks, and honeybees. The day after wrapping, I received an e-mail from Heifer that someone would match our gift. Just by sharing pennies, my students have helped 6 families in need. Submitted by Alicia D'Apice


A Church Community Shares Their Blessings

Every December, our church "recollect" about their blessings and "collect" to give blessings to those in need through Heifer. Using a reverse Advent calendar, parishioners count how many warm beds are in their home, how many meals they have had lately, or how many people love them, for example. Each day there is a different blessing to consider, and instead of being rewarded with a piece of chocolate, parishioners feel blessed to be sharing their monetary gifts on behalf of Christ's birthday. This wonderful activity is very popular in our church, and we have been collecting for about a decade. This year we raised $700 - a record! Submitted by Michelle Tate


Indoor Soccer Tournament Raises Funds for Heifer


Menaul School is a faith based 6-12 private day and boarding school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have a large international population, and conduct a global week each school year to celebrate our diversity. This year as part of global week we chose to have an indoor soccer tournament with each grade level raising a minimum of $100.00 for a specific charity and country. The winning middle school and upper school team received the funds from the other groups to fund their charity. Our eighth grade students chose Heifer International as their charity and Ghana as their country. They were victorious and so were able to donate $449.00 to Heifer for their ongoing work in Ghana. Submitted by Jim Doyle


FFA Chapter Raises Funds For Heifer International

The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter, along with a friendly herd of (plywood) cows, is seeking greener pastures for cows in third world countries. Presently, the FFA members at Miami East High School are soliciting donations for Heifer International. The goal of the Heifer International: Greener Pastures Program is to generate $1,000 that will provide two cows ($500 each) to be given to the impoverished families in poor, third world villages. The donations of members of the Miami East School community is making this happen. The program is designed to have six creatively decorated plywood cows stay a night or two in the yard of a community member. The community member will then make a donation to the FFA’s fundraising program to: 1) have the cows removed, 2) tell the FFA whose yard to put the cows in next, and/or 3) purchase insurance that the cows will not return to their yard or any combination of the three. The cows will then move to the next yard. Click the title of this story to read more!


A Student Initiative to Better a Community

An idea proposed by senior Khiabeth Burgos-Gomez to help out the community turned into a Google document filled with ideas. Junior Annette Shukaitis offered the idea of collecting money to donate to Heifer International to get a goat. Her idea was based on personal experience. “Two years ago my grandparents decided that, instead of buying all the grandchildren expensive Christmas presents, they would take half of each grandchild’s Christmas money and see how much money they had before donating it to Heifer International and give an animal to a village.” Shukaitis comments, “All of us grandkids thought it was a wonderful idea and on Christmas day we were happy to find out that a family would be receiving a baby goat with our Christmas money.” Click the title of this story to read more about Mr. Healey's class!


Mr. Boldt's Classroom Hosts Caramels for Critters

In 2006 I decided to have my fourth graders join in this worthwhile endeavor of supplying animals to needy people around the world. I used a family caramel recipe while visiting my parents over Christmas vacation with newly wrapped caramels and each year my present and past fourth graders have spent their quarters and dollar bills. My matching gift has grown into other donations and our totals have continued to grow, reaching a new high of $890 this year. Click the title of this story to read more!


We Make the Difference

Adults, especially teachers who work with kids all day, can be some of the biggest critics of teenagers. But watching students get excited about buying alpacas restored some of my faith in humanity. The winter holidays had gotten me thinking. How could I relate giving--the kind of giving that shares without expectation of compensation--to my tenth grade World History class at Batesville High School? How could I encourage students to be globally minded? Heifer International was the answer. Each of my six classes competed against each other to raise money for Heifer and win a class party. Students wanted the party, sure, but along the way they became interested in the animals and where they go and the principle of “teaching a man to fish” that Heifer honors through its work. Each class was allowed to vote on which animals to buy with its funds. Whole llamas and alpacas became popular goals. Did each class achieve its goal? No, but I watched a student dig $7.00 worth of change out of her back pack one day and saw another student quietly drop in five folded $20.00 bills when nobody was paying attention. I saw them encourage each other, guilt each other, and ultimately work together to help people in situations that seem light years away from their own insulated teenage world. I watched and listened to them and silently said to myself that maybe the future has a chance after all. We make the difference. Submitted by Elizabeth Taylor


Join Connor in His Charity Run!

I am 11 years old and I am doing a Charity Run to raise money for Heifer International and Doctors Without Borders. I have raised $1300 and I still have 1 month until the race on March 13. So far, the half of that money that is going to Heifer International can buy a heifer and a llama. If you would like to join me in this race in Palos Verdes near LA go to and search Charity Pi Run. Submitted by Connor Spencer


Donations in Place of Secret Santa Gifts Generate Enthusiasm and Touch Hearts

After we read the World Ark article “Refuse, Reuse” that explains how animal waste can be turned into usable biogas energy, I challenged the 25 students in my 6th grade class to see if they could raise $50 to provide a biogas stove for a family in need. We agreed that if we collected additional money they could choose an animal to include in their gift. During the three weeks between Thanksgiving students paged through “The Greatest Gift” catalogs I brought to school and the funds trickled in. We decided that instead of spending money on “Secret Santa” gifts, we would give each other handmade cards and donate toward our project. Several families joined in, and our custodian even added a few extra dollars. Excitement grew as we kept track of each new contribution. By the last day of class, we had raised $125 and the class voted to add a flock of chicks and a share of a Knitter’s Basket to the gift of a stove. They also asked if they could keep going and see if they could multiply the remaining $7 to give another gift during the Spring semester. This year’s science curriculum included research on the California Drought and the need for water conservation. We learned that in parts of the world women and girls must walk long distances to get water. We also studied solar energy, made solar ovens, and learned that using solar-powered ovens means that women and girls don’t have to walk long distances to get firewood. Because I’ve been supporting Heifer’s biogas projects for several years, I decided to also introduce the students to this form of alternate energy which improves the lives of women and girls in similar ways. We read the World Ark article to understand how biogas systems work and to learn some fun vocabulary words (fertilizer, slurry, manure, and dung!). But the article went further: it connected my students with the impact of these projects on lives of real people in another country. This touched their hearts. I’m really proud of my students, many of whom struggle academically and/or are still learning English. They are also proud of what they’ve accomplished and are pleased that their small gifts will help improve the lives of struggling families. Submitted by Janet Graff


Northside FCA's Christmas Candy Gram Fundraiser Benefits Heifer

Dear Heifer International, We, the members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Huddle of Northside Middle School in Columbus, IN chose your organization as our charity recipient of our Christmas Candy Gram fundraiser. Our goal was to purchase a water buffalo through Heifer International. Together, we sold candy grams with personalized messages that would be delivered during school for 50 cents. We sold them during three daily lunch periods for a week. We raised $267.26, which exceeds our goal of purchasing a water buffalo. We are very happy and proud that we met our objective and raised a little more money. We believe in the life-changing work that Heifer International does. Giving an animal to a family helps them to be more self-sufficient and the animal can help provide many things. It can also help lift a family out of poverty and hunger, which is a fantastic thing. We also believe the Passing on the Gift (R) idea is a great concept that further continues the giving. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase an animal that will help a family work fo ra better life without hunger or poverty. We are very pleased that the money we raised will go to a great organization who will use it wisely. Sincerely, Northside FCA


Proud Aunt Shares Her Giving Story

Dear Heifer, I started a tradition for my family. Two Christmases in a row I ended up in the hospital and I was unable to shop for my family or extended family. That created my tradition; I now mail my gift budget to Heifer and I send Heifer (honor) cards to each extended family member. This year I asked the parents to be sure to let the kids know where their gift went. My nephew really was impressed but thought I should buy a water buffalo. His name is Jasper and he went door to door in his neighborhood and raised $87.00. Because my check had already been mailed his folks mailed it to Heifer and requested it go to education. I was so proud of him! Sincerely, Merodie N. Aunt of Jasper, age 8