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Clementine Montessori School Celebrates Earth Day with Heifer International


The students at Clementine Montessori School in Philadelphia, PA have been learning about the work of Heifer International all year. We've read books about worms and chickens, about Beatrice's goat, about good gardens and cows. We tasted honey when we studied how bees help people, drank goat's milk and ate goat cheese, cleaned alpaca fleece and learned big words, like "sustainability" and "faith." Click the title of this story to read more...

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Georgian Woman's Garden Produces Hope After War


Eka Surameli and her children were displaced from their Georgian village during the Russian-Georgian war. The conflict destroyed border villages and people's gardens and orchards. In 2011, the Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG) partnered with Heifer Georgia to improve the livelihoods and economic conditions of people in this region, including Eka. She attended trainings on agricultural technologies and drip irrigation systems, and received seedlings. Heifer is creating a better life for people and give them the most important thing-hope for a peaceful future.

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Cooperatives in Ukraine: A Step Toward Sustainability


The global financial and economic crisis has also demonstrated the resilience of alternative financial institutions such as cooperative.

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Literacy Classes Improve Lives - Northern Thailand

In the world today, no one can deny the importance of education. Yet many women in the remote mountainous areas of Northern Thailand rarely have the opportunity to be educated. Heifer International Thailand believes that providing basic education to women will broaden their world view and enhance their confidence.

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