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The work we do may be serious, but we always need to find the fun.
Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International
Projects & Families
If you want to make yourself happy, serve others. If you want to make others happy, serve others.
Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International speaking at the 2015 YNPN National Conference & Leaders Institute

7th Grade Class Raises Awareness and Creates Impact

Isaiah and her classmates at Gideon Hauser Jewish Day School know a lot about creating change and social justice... Click the title of this story to read more!


Duck Tape Holds the World Together

Olivia Demberg, a young Heifer International supporter, recently sent the following letter to Heifer CEO Pierre Ferrari detailing a project proposal that she pitched to ShurTech Brands CEO. Click on the story title to learn more about Olivia's unique and inspiring initiative...


A Letter to Heifer International's CEO

Dear Mr. Ferrari, I got your letter and I am so happy that I helped. I want to do more and help others, but not keeping things to myself. I am sending $20 from someone I love for you to use where it is needed most. I am also sending a small toy for a boy and girl so that family can have food and something to play with. I am so happy you are serving people in need. Sincerely, Ciana

Projects & Families

Pierre Ferrari Visits Projects in Nepal


Their success is an inspiration not just to me, but to groups like them all over the world who see that whatever they can imagine they can make real with their own hands.

Projects & Families

Heifer CEO Travels to Cambodia


My last stop – Cambodia! Country Directory Keo Keang (or KK as she prefers to be called) and her team are very passionate about Heifer’s work in Cambodia, and it shows in their interactions with the communities.