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Heifer Families Impress Donors During Vietnam Vacation


On the final day of 2013, members of the Improving Livelihoods in the Poorest District of Soc Trang Province project’s self-help group #1 warmly welcomed the Gluckman family to Phu Tam commune, Chau Thanh district. The married couple and their two children were vacationing in Vietnam and wanted to visit a Heifer project. They have been donating to Heifer International for 20 years.


Teen Group in Sacramento Gives a Generous Gift

The Jewish Community Foundation of the West's Teen Philanthropy Class in Sacramento, California awarded their first grant to Heifer International in November 2013.


Church Comes Together to Make a Difference

A few months ago, Sara Rising of Kingwood First Presbyterian Church in Humble, TX had an idea to get the church members to work together in order to support Heifer International. When she had the thought, no one knew how big it would get!


A Year of Centuries

I love to ride my bicycle. In April 2012, I was involved in a serious crash in a bicycle race. It was a long recovery, but I am extremely thankful to be doing so well. To express my gratitude, I have a special project for 2013 called "A Year of Centuries". I am riding one century (100 miles in a single bicycle ride) each month. Each century highlights a charitable organization that is particularly meaningful to me. As a longtime supporter, I am so pleased to be riding on behalf of Heifer International for December.


The Gift of a Goat: A Poem to Honor Katherine Ahern Habing

What do you give someone who is 94 years old, has lived a very full life, downsized her home of 51 years and moved to a small, assisted-living apartment? And since that someone, as in my mother's case, is an individual who has spent much of her life giving to others, the gift of a goat from Heifer International would be perfectly appropriate! I am well known in my family for coming up with poems for special occasions, so of course it was expected that I would write one to accompany this gift.


Students at Saint Ann's Episcopal Church Raise Money for a Llama!

Our Christian Education students of Saint Ann's Episcopal Church of Sayville, NY hosted our first Outreach Mission Project. After several weeks of discussing Heifer International in Sunday school, the younger students chose its animal of choice, a llama, as its goal purchase.


Counting On Chicks

In 2011, my friend Julie and I had a year full of grief, frustration and unwelcome drama. It was one emotional disaster after another. At the end of that year, we decided to change our focus to helping others. We committed to raise $5000 to "build an ark" for Heifer International to provide livestock and training for struggling families worldwide.

Projects & Families

1945 Program Participant Shares his Story

Meet Stanislaw Debert; at the end of 1945, Mr. Debert was the recipient of one of the 150 heifers sent by the Heifer Project to Poland on the SS Santiago Iglesias. In early October, I had the good fortune to sit and talk with him, his wife, and a daughter in their home near Gdansk about what that heifer meant to them. At the end of World War II when Europe was seething with displaced persons, Mr. Debert arrived in the area of Gdansk. He fled from Kielce on the roof of a train car with only the clothes he was wearing...


Church Musician Decides to Gift Different

I recently played the music for a retreat Mass at a nearby Catholic parish. I received a very generous, and totally unexpected, gift card in the mail from the church secretary, Geralyn, to thank me for my music...


What Do You Want on Your 100th Birthday?

Winnifred Senn of Walnut Creek, California celebrated her 100th birthday on October 10, 2013. In honor of this special milestone, an Elderly Wish Foundation was contacted to grant Winnifred (Winn) a special wish. When asked what she might want, Winn replied that she would like a cow to be given to another family through Heifer International...


Read to Feed Superhero Raises Funds by Sacrificing Weekly Treat

Nikhil Chetty, a grade two learner at Crawford Preparatory School in La Lucia, South Africa has always participated actively in the Read to Feed Program. His passion for the program and determination to help end hunger and poverty is an incredible affirmation of Heifer’s belief that young people have the power to change the world.


How to Buy a Cow (and Give it Away)

Picture seven tall kitchen waste baskets full of used, empty bottles and cans. It looks like a pile of junk! That is, unless your name is Shea Berry. With many of the bottles and cans carrying coding for refundable recycling, Shea recognized their true value.

Projects & Families

Women's Group in Nepal Offers a Helping Hand


Site Bushal is telling a group of visitors how she has benefited from a community transformation that resulted in a group spirit of Sharing and Caring.


Donor Explains How Giving Feels Good

In 2011 I received paper work in the mail explaining the Heifer Mission. This was a mission I believe in. I was so impressed that I decided to make a $10.00 monthly donation to Heifer...


Supporter Writes Poem About Social Impact

It is up to you. A goat can change the world, you know. Why is it that we think so big- the dream of winning the lottery, the wish to be a billionaire, the wish to turn all the bad to good- But we do not take the time to buy a goat? How is it that our thoughts are so absorbed in small daily tasks, and our own individual goals, that we don't take the time to read the one brochure in the mail that may not be junk? To understand that "Heiffer International" has a plan so small it is reachable by all, A plan so big that it can reach across continents and...

Heifer for the Holidays

Family Decides to Gift Different

As our children grew, left home, and established homes of their own, my husband and I realized how very fortunate we were. We had everything we needed and much of what we wanted as did our children and their families. So, we decided to give animals through Heifer Project rather than to buy Christmas gifts for all in the family.


Students Raise $2,732 in Summer Read to Feed Group

Kids from twelve families kicked-off the summer asking friends, neighbors and relatives to sponsor them for the books they would read this summer. After 60 days, the kids read over 500 books and raised $2732 for Heifer International.


Water Buffalo Helps Family in India


I love giving and Heifer International is one wonderful way to continue giving in a very effective way.