The Mission of Heifer USA

  1. Technical Support

    Heifer USA offers free farming workshops and training events for current and prospective farmers trying to make a living from small-scale farming. Check out our upcoming trainings or take a short survey to get more information.

  2. Farmer-Owned Coops

    Cooperatives take pressure off farmers by providing shared services such as marketing, packaging, distribution, credit and loan services. Learn how Heifer USA is changing the way we farm.

  3. Inspire the Next Generation

    Live, learn and work at Heifer USA project sites in Arkansas and Massachusetts. Spend the summer at the Farm or Ranch, or apply for our multi-year Farmer Apprentice Program.

Experience Heifer USA

Heifer Farm

When you visit Heifer Farm, you immerse yourself in a Heifer project. The animals in the pastures and produce from our organic gardens are featured in our educational and farmer apprentice programs. The farm provides opportunities for aspiring farmers and the next generation of local food advocates alike. Come and engage in activities such as tours, overnight programs and events, and leave empowered to make a difference.

Drop-in individuals and families are welcome to explore our Global Village, livestock barn and gardens. Watch the farm animals graze and frolic while enjoying a farm-to-table meal in the indoor café or outdoor picnic area.

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Heifer Ranch

The Ranch is a 1,200-acre beacon of sustainable agriculture and transformative education nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. Engage the mind and senses through the variety of tours, overnight visits and events. Come away with an understanding of how rural communities can lift themselves out of poverty through farming.

When you visit Heifer Ranch, you walk onto a Heifer USA project site. The animals in the pastures and produce from our Certified Organic gardens support farmer-owner cooperatives and feed Ranch guests in our dining hall.

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Farmer Trainings

We offer workshops and training events for current and prospective farmers who are trying to make a living from farming using sustainable agricultural methods. Farmers who are interested in transitioning from conventional to sustainable agricultural practices are also encouraged to attend.

By joining Heifer USA, you'll be taking the first step toward growing your future. Take a moment to learn more about upcoming training events, or take a short survey to receive more information about Heifer's work in the U.S.

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