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The animals from our pastures and produce from our gardens support farmer-owned cooperatives.

About The Ranch

The Ranch is a 1,200-acre beacon of transformational education and sustainable agriculture nestled in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains.

Open minds and change lives with a visit to Heifer Ranch. Come away with a deeper understanding of hunger and poverty, sustainable food systems and community development. Immerse your group in hands-on learning to accelerate their individual growth and transform relationships.

Whether you’re dropping in for a day or spending the week with us, we have a variety of options to make any trip to the Ranch a deliciously rich and meaningful one. Download the Heifer Ranch Catalog below to see all of the programs and events offered.

There's Plenty to Do


Immerse your group in hands-on, experiential learning programs. Spend a day or stay all week!


Purchase fair-trade items or pasture-raised meats and vegetables grown by our farmers.


Choose from a variety of overnight and farm fresh meal options.


Apprentice or volunteer with our year-round agricultural programs at Heifer Ranch.

Day Programs

All ages are welcome to participate in our day programs! Each Heifer Ranch program includes an introduction to Heifer International and a tour of the Ranch. Learn more about our day programs by downloading the handbook below.

Self-Guided Tours

Whether you’re passing by or making a day of it, the Visitor Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and ready to show you a variety of options for experiencing the Ranch. Self-guided tours provide an convenient way to see our gardens, animals and villages at your own pace without making a booking in advance.

Field Trips

Visit Thailand, Guatemala and Zambia all in one day! In addition to seeing the sites in our Global Village, guests will meet our sheep, pigs, or goats, participate in activities in our show barn and learn about the work of Heifer International abroad and in Arkansas. Be sure to stop by our international gift shop to support the livelihoods of artisans from all around the world.

Service Learning

Learn by doing with our hands-on service learning programs. Participants work directly with our farm crews, assisting with the day to day tasks on a small scale agricultural operation. Service learning builds an awareness of modern day food production and empowers individuals to take an active role. Overnight options are also available for this program.

Overnight Programs

Our overnight programs are intensive educational experiences that combine fun team building activities with experiential learning. To learn about all of our overnight programs, download our handbook below.

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Lambing Weekends

Experience our Women's Lambing or our co-ed Lambing Production programs in March and April. Enjoy a blend of facilitated discussions, experiential learning activities, hands-on animal work and camaraderie while focusing on Heifer’s work to teach sustainable agriculture.

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Alternative Break

Alternative Break combines the engagement of experiential education with the empowerment of service learning. Immersions into farming and poverty allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of our world and to think critically about their roles and responsibilities as a global citizen.

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Global Gateway

Our signature program is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone and into the reality of our global neighbors. The 24 hour simulation takes participants on a journey crafted by power and choice. Adding a second night in the village or team building activities can take the group’s cohesion and understanding of hunger and poverty to an even deeper level.

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To get more information about Heifer Ranch and any of our programs, visit our FAQ, call 855-3HEIFER (855-343-4337) or email reservations@heifer.org.

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Stay in the loop with Heifer Ranch!

Receive updates and special opportunities to visit the Ranch.

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Stay in the loop with Heifer Ranch!

Receive updates and special opportunities to visit the Ranch.

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