Heifer At Easter

Hatch Hope This Easter

Get a great deal on a gift that multiplies! Donate a bundle of chicks or rabbits and receive a plush toy with FREE shipping!

Chicks Bundle Product Image

Chicks Bundle *

$ 35.00

A flock of chicks can be enough to help a struggling family turn their lives around. Chickens eat bugs and weeds and provide fertilizer for family farms, which can increase crop yields. And the eggs hens provide can be sold for more income for the family.

Bunny Bundle Product Image

Bunny Bundle *

$ 75.00

How can something so cute be such a powerful tool against hunger? Rabbits provide nutrient-rich fertilizer for farmers. In addition, due to their high breeding rate, rabbit farmers are able to Pass on the Gift to other families several times a year.

* Each bundle includes a machine-washable plush animal shipped at no extra cost to you! Your cute little chick or bunny will be an adorable reminder of the difference Heifer donors like you make around the world.

Watch this video to see how something as small as a chicken can transform entire communities.