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Stories of Transformation


For Christmas, Audra's grandparents donated a hive of bees in her honor. When Audra sent Heifer International her drawing, she included the note that her grandparents had written to her. A portion of their sweet note reads, "This is from us to you and you to them. Now that family is lucky, too." 

To Audra and her grandparents: Your generous, giving spirits mean so much to everyone at Heifer but, most importantly, they mean everything to the recipients of your donation. Together, we have power over poverty.

Grandparents Make an Impact

"My sons had given a flock of chicks to Heifer International on behalf of their grandmother because she would tell them stories about how she raised chicks on the farm she grew up on in NW Iowa. It brought a huge smile to her face to know that her stories impacted the boys and she was honored by the thoughtful gift. This Christmas the boys have again decided giving through Heifer is a good idea. This time they are giving on behalf of their grandpa. He helped them save a duckling that had fallen into our window well. They named it Oscar and fed it bugs until we could secure a home for it. Now they are donating a flock of ducks and are excited to share this gift with their Grandpa Bob. I appreciate how Heifer helps teach my children not only the value of animals, but how great giving to others feels. Thank you!"

- Stacie M. 

English Language Institutes Spirit of Giving

Christmas came early this year at the University’s English Language Institute (ELI). Instead of the typical holiday gift exchange, the ELI instructors and staff decided to do something small to make a big difference for members of the international community. The team came together to raise funds for Heifer International. They raised enough to purchase one irrigation pump and one biogas stove for a needy village. The story didn’t end there, though. When Onnyx Bei, an ELI Instructor, mentioned the project to his class, the students were inspired and wanted to make their own contribution. The students studied and practiced the necessary language skills for the task, and went out to solicit funds for Heifer. In total, the students succeeded in securing $260, enough to purchase a goat, a sheep and a flock of 20 chicks for a village in need. The ELI’s spirit of giving will assist Heifer International in its mission to end world hunger and poverty by providing families with sustainable income. 

- Written by When Cows Fly Manager, Amy Dieringer