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Improving the Environment

Our projects have a positive impact on soil erosion, soil fertility, sanitation, forestation, bio-diversity, pollution, wildlife and watershed conditions where possible. Animals are chosen based largely on how appropriate they are for the local environment. Will they overburden or pollute the water supply? Will it be difficult to find or grow abundant fodder? Reforestation is a facet of projects in areas stripped of trees, and manure and crop residues are used to reinvigorate poor soil.

For instance, the absence of toilets and latrines in Belsi, Chitwan, Nepal, facilitated the spread of disease. After learning about the “Improving the Environment” Cornerstone, project participants raised awareness in the community of the importance of good hygiene and sanitation. As a result of their efforts, today every house in the community has a pit latrine or a concrete toilet, and project participants have organized people in the community to regularly clean the streets. The impact is a cleaner, healthier environment.

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