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Formula For Success

The nature of Heifer’s work allows each of us to join the cycle of change and Pass On the Gift®. One goat can change everything, but not without your help. Invest in REACH today and help create healthy futures for smallholder farmer families in Haiti. Your gift will enable REACH to deliver the following components:

  • icon for youth farming


    Training young people to be successful smallholder farmers, and encouraging them to stay within their communities to support the local economy.

  • icon for livelihood security


    Improving livelihood security and reducing vulnerability of rural households while creating greater economic opportunities and an assured supply of quality animals.

  • icon for animal health workers

    Community Animal Health Workers

    Training and equipping CAHWs to provide technical veterinary services within the livestock subsectors and creating sustainable small business opportunities for CAHWs.

  • icon for women's empowerment


    Strengthening local women’s groups and establishing women as livestock breeding center owners, creating greater economic opportunities and an assured supply of quality animals.

  • icon for disaster prevention


    Training communities to safeguard assets and improve resiliency to disasters.

  • icon for breeding centers

    Breeding Centers

    Establishing family- run livestock breeding centers to improve livelihood security, create greater economic and market opportunities while assuring the supply of quality animals.

  • icon for social capital


    Strengthening entire communities through Passing on the Gift®, creating cohesive communities of farmers working toward common goals.

To help the greatest number of families move toward self-reliance, Heifer does not use its limited resources to track individual animals from donation to distribution to specific families. Instead, your gift supports the entire REACH project. We use your gift where it can do the most good by combining it with the gifts of others to help transform entire communities in Haiti.