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Micarl Hill visited Haiti REACH, December 2013

We met up with Heifer Haiti team members, and each was equally as fantastic as your other Heifer associates. The next few days I saw so many amazing programs in motion beginning with a poultry farm and processing plant in Legoane, which is a joint project between Heifer and the Yunus Social Business Fund and it is also the first of its kind designed to support four community schools totaling 756 students. It will work with 480 beneficiary families in the community to produce the chicken for the plant. Then I was fortunate to visit numerous goat breeding centers located all over the island and see for myself the positive impact these breeding centers have on the community. I was amazed to see the lead farmer and his wife glowing with pride and their body language spoke volumes as to not only their pride but their confidence and new stature amongst their neighbors. I saw the children looking up to them as mentors and their neighbors looking at them in the same light.

Micarl Hill holding goat
Micarl Hill holds a goat kid while visiting Heifer Haiti.

My flight home found me documenting my trip and researching data about Haiti feverishly. The statistical data is disturbing, and infrastructure is fundamental in resurrecting this island. I also found that I was absolutely comfortable that what Heifer is doing is precisely what is needed to truly bring strength to these people and levity and hope to their lives. Many people just are in the movement of trying to make it through another day, but those who have been touched by the Heifer movement and the contagiousness of what is growing from one Passing on the Gift® to the next was showcased to me quite elegantly and was powerful.


By partnering with the Clinton Foundation and organizations like North Coast, Heifer continues to effect positive change in Haiti. Valuable connections like these make it possible for Haitians to realize sustainable success. Heifer’s President and CEO Pierre Ferrari shares about his trip to Haiti with President Bill Clinton.

Clinton Foundation - Partnering for Lasting Change in Haiti


Marie Maude Charles is a farmer and president of a local women’s group. She was instrumental in ensuring all group members attended Heifer Haiti trainings so they could receive income-generating gifts of livestock. Marie aspires to run a large poultry farm with Heifer’s help.

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