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The Path Forward

Nepal is among the least developed countries in the world. One-quarter of Nepal’s population lives below the poverty line.

Agriculture accounts for more than one-third of the Gross National Product.

Typical farmers own less than 1.2 acres of land. Even on such small plots, livestock has the potential to improve diets and increase incomes. However, the current quality of the animals and the farmers’ skills to improve their livestock’s productivity are both poor.

For farmers—especially marginalized women, to thrive on small farms, they must work together, have higher-quality animals, be trained in better farming methods and be connected to formal agricultural markets.

Poverty line

the estimated minimum level of income needed to secure the necessities of life

When you support Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal, you are helping a woman realize her potential to succeed. She will be transformed into a powerful small farmer, livestock owner and businesswoman who can feed her family while helping create stronger communities throughout her country.

Your donation puts us one step closer to our goal of helping 138,000 women and their families become skilled farmers and industrious business people in the next five years.