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To increase farmers’ incomes, we took our long-standing model—providing livestock and training to small-scale farming families—and combined it with market-driven development strategies. By focusing on strengthening the value chains that link farmers to markets, we are furthering collaboration among the producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, transporters and consumers.

On the Ground:

We increase a family’s income and assets by:

  • Diversifying Income and Increasing Assets

    Farmers learn crop-livestock integration methods to increase food production and reduce competition for natural resources. These integrative technologies are of significant value, as they enable a move from a life of subsistence farming to thriving in local and regional markets. Farmers can then feed themselves and ensure their families' financial security.

  • Improving Access to Market and Financial Services

    We link small-scale farmers to markets and encourage participation in cooperatives. We also help groups join together to secure loans to make improvements in the community or to start small businesses.

  • Establishing and Reinforcing Value Chains

    We work with local governments, public and private organizations and other institutions with a vested interest in the well-being of the community to build an infrastructure that ensures the good of all participants. Together, we've built roads, established production hubs, stimulated local economies and ensured producers get fair market value for their goods.


  •  Increase in Income & Assets
  •  Food Security & Nutrition
  •  Environment
  •  Women's Empowerment
  • Social Capital