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Transformation Through Education

Globally, 132 million girls are not in school — and that number is growing. Where we work, girls are too often denied an education. Whether it’s cultural norms or lack of money, these girls instead must work in the fields or in the home. But when families have the resources and income needed to pay for school fees and supplies, girls receive the much-deserved chance to learn. When you give them the opportunity, they can break the cycle of poverty forever.

The Path of Sending a Girl to School

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Investing in a Sustainable Future

A family receives livestock and seedlings, planting the seed for their future. These gifts lead to increased incomes, more nutritious meals and diversified businesses.

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Developing Skills for Growth

Family members involved in farming learn about cultivation and business practices. This starts to support lasting growth so the family can scale their business to reach a living income — the amount needed to truly thrive.

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Now that the family has sustainable living, the girl can enroll in school. Her family can cover her fees and supplies, providing her with the tools to succeed and eventually elevate her family, her community and even her country.

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“I am very grateful for the gift of goats, because the goats have enabled me to go to school.”
- Emmy Nswana, 13
A photo of Emmy Nswana.

How It Works

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Become one of a limited number of donors in a unique education-focused monthly campaign.

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Receive routine updates that follow the lives of girls and their families in their journey to be lifted out of poverty.

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Make Updates at Any Time

Access your online portal, track your impact, and edit or pause your donation at the push of a button.

Give Knowledge. Transform Lives.

Progress in education around the world is backsliding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for girls. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Measure Your Impact

Increases a family’s income through livestock and crops so one girl can go back to school

Measure Your Impact

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Once you sign up, you'll be welcomed into the community and will immediately be able to log into your donor portal, tracking your impact. You'll also start to receive exclusive updates.
How do I receive verification of my donations?
You'll receive a receipt directly after your first payment. Heifer also issues tax receipts for gifts of $10 or more. If you donate on our website, you will receive your tax receipt in an email immediately after you complete your donation.
Does this initiative just help girls?
While your support helps all children, as well as entire families, it specifically focuses on helping girls because they have the most barriers to overcome. By empowering them, we’re able to lift up entire communities.
When will my credit card first be charged?
Your credit card will be charged immediately at checkout. Your second payment will be charged in the next calendar month, on the day of the month that you selected during checkout.
Why should I give monthly?
Monthly gifts allow us to use your money most effectively. When we know we can rely on your gift each month, it allows us to plan out our projects and put each gift to immediate use.
How do I change my donation amount?
After you sign up, you'll automatically be given an account based on your email address, if you don't have one already. Starting in March, when you log in, you'll be able to easily edit your monthly amount or payment method. You can always call us to make adjustments at any time.
What if I need to stop giving for a while?
We understand that life happens! Starting in March, you can easily change, pause or cancel your monthly donation at any time through your donor profile online. You can always call us to make adjustments at any time.
What if I only want to make a one-time gift?
While providing a monthly donation provides the best opportunity for long-term impact, we understand that option is not for everyone. If you'd like to make a one-time donation, feel free to give towards sending a girl to school or any of our other products in the gift catalog.