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Milk Money

A daily serving of milk to a student provides high-quality protein, vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy minds and bodies. Through the Heifer Milk Money program, students can give the gift of good nutrition to children in need. Participating in a Milk Money project, your students will develop a better understanding of the daily struggles children face.

No amount is too small.

Every $2 your students raise = a week of milk for a student
$72 for one student per school year. $144 for two students per school year. $216 for three students per school year.

Milk Money Program

Heifer’s Milk Money program connects your classroom with another class around the world to provide more than milk — your students can deliver a bright and healthy future for school children today!

Milk Money is a flexible program, so you can adapt it to fit your group’s needs.

Download all the materials you’ll need to make your fundraiser a success.

See below for a list of what's included in the download.

Available Materials

A tool to help teach your students about the Milk Money program.

An advanced guide for middle and high school students.

A form to make it easy and quick whenever you are ready to donate.

Give By Mail

Whether you have already completed a successful fundraiser or would like to donate to provide milk for school children, download the form and mail in your donation. Our team will handle the rest.

Give Online

Want to give online? Visit our online form dedicated to the School Milk Program.

Invite Others to Give

Set up a group fundraising page to collect online donations from your community.

Your Students can Make a Difference

The Need

In the southern highlands region of Tanzania, it has been difficult to get pasteurized milk to children. As a result,  many students suffer from a lack of proper nutrition in their diets at home. Few schools serve meals during the day, so most kids don't receive a meal at school. This means the children are going their entire school days malnourished or underfed, which affects their ability to learn.

Heifer is helping provide milk to students in the Njombe, Mbeya and Iringa districts of Tanzania.

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A Little Milk Money Can Change a Lot of Lives

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