Your Black Friday Savings Can Make a Lasting Difference

Black Friday is about shopping smarter, and donating to Heifer is the perfect way to do more with your money. Let your Black Friday savings go toward ending hunger and poverty in the world. Select how much you saved below to calculate how your savings can have a lasting impact.

With $20 Provide a Flock of Chicks

6 Flocks of Chicks are equal to 1,284 eggs per month

Your gift of Chicks will continue to provide a steady source of nutrition and income for a struggling family for years to come.

Give a Flock of Chicks

With $120 Give a Goat

1 Goat can produce 4 quarts of milk per day, which means that 8 children receive the recommended 2 glasses per day.

Gifts of livestock and training through Heifer International help families around the world, giving them a hand-up, rather than a hand-out.

Give a Goat

With $275 Send a Girl to School

20% Increase in a girl’s earning potential for every 1 year in school.

Your investment will empower a girl with the gift of education, giving her the opportunity to fulfill her potential, and become an equal player in her community.

Send a Girl to School

With $500 Give the Gift of a Heifer

1 cow can produce about 28 gallons of milk a week.

A Heifer provides families with a sustainable livelihood for generations to come, as it provides milk and increased income for food, clothes, school fees and medicine.

Give a Heifer

Heifer Gifts Bring Sustainable Change

So that families can pursue livelihood and the dignity of self-reliance.

Watch how empowering people to change their lives is the key to ending hunger & poverty

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