Event Info

  1. Enjoy

    food and entertainment from countries where we work around the world.

  2. Experience

    the iconic Back to the Future Courthouse Square at  NBC Universal Studios.

  3. Meet

    our animal ambassadors – including cows, goats, pigs and more.

  4. Support

    Farming communities and local food systems in the areas where we work.

Celebrate With Us

Event Details

The NBCUniversal backlot has a rich, storied history of movie magic that goes back for generations. NBCUniversal's commitment to sustainable, environmentally responsible operations is in line with Heifer's core principles of good stewardship and conservation.

The event will be held from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m., and feature several exhibits with the opportunity to learn about women’s empowerment and the changes Heifer is making possible for farm families in projects where we work. Meet animal ambassadors and enjoy food.

Who We Are

Heifer International works to end hunger and poverty around the world through sustainable farming. Women’s empowerment is a critical component of our work, and we invite you to explore this theme at our fundraising event to benefit our programs.

Our work focuses on increasing opportunities for women by providing them the resources and training necessary to be successful in their work. We are dedicated to removing barriers to women’s economic empowerment and will continue to be strong advocates for women’s equitable participation in decision-making in their families, in their communities, and in policies, systems and practices that impact their well-being.

How We Work

Our unique approach involves enhancing the capacity of vulnerable small-scale farmers to secure their livelihoods. Multiplied by strong social capital and women’s empowerment, our work results in a sustainable solution to world hunger and poverty.

Here’s how it works:

Heifer provides families with livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture. This is the catalyst needed to start the journey.

Families use income generated from livestock to meet pressing needs rst: food, medicine, clothing,housing and school. They are also able to do something new: save for the future.

Next, we help people start or expand farmer- owned businesses, cooperatives and social enterprises so they can pro tably participate in value chains.

Cooperatives connect with processors and distributors, creating inclusive market systems to provide lasting sustainable change.