The end of hunger isn’t a fairy tale

Welcome to the Heifer family. Donors, volunteers, recipients and our teams around the world share a common goal: To end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. It’s a lofty goal, but we know it's achievable. Together we are the family that can create this change.

Together we can make cows fly

See stories of how lives are being transformed around the globe through Heifer's work in more than 40 countries.

Communities of Change
For 70 years, Heifer International has been finding solutions to hunger and poverty. We've had an impact in more than 125 countries and through 20.7 million families.

Heifer is hosting events across the country as part of our "Beyond Hunger: Communities of Change" series. You can see the calendar of events and register for them online. Join us in celebrating Heifer's legacy of creating social change.

Communities of Change

Let's Buy a Cow!

This year my co-workers and I decided to donate to Heifer International instead of buying each other gifts. We each put in $25.00. One of our flooring vendors heard what we were doing and told us he would match anything up to $1000.00. Wow! I got to works and copied a cute photo (with the goat) and made up a flyer and slapped it up on the refrigerator in the employee break room. We raised $370.00! Without even really trying!! When our vendor came in, he wrote a check for $630, bring us to $1000!! We were overwhelmed! It was so exciting! We bought 7 goats, 2 sets of rabbits and 2 sets of ducks. All of us feel really good knowing that these animals will make a difference in the lives of the families who receive them. Thank you for your good work and for making it so easy to help.


Brownies and Cupcakes and Cake Pops, Oh My!

“We spent time on a bake sale to raise money for Heifer (International). We did it in fourth grade and saved the money. We acted now instead of never.” – Anne-Sophie


Save the World Club

The Save the World Club began with one goal in mind: make an impact on our big world one small fundraiser at a time. This year we selected a goal of $500 for Heifer International. We chose the Auburn City Christmas parade as our location for a baked goods and craft sale. Each of our four members had made ornaments, paintings, bath salts, and lots of cookies. In only three hours of selling our products we surpassed our goal and made a grand total of $600! We were so excited to be able to make a difference in a third world country in a very real and tangible way. We also feel like our fundraiser helped raise local awareness of the basic and often unmet needs of daily life in rural communities of our international neighbors. Thank you Heifer International & our local Auburn neighbors for making this contribution possible!


A Wedding Photographer Passes on the Gift

I began making monthly contributions to Heifer about a year ago. It was very important to me that I do something to help. My time is limited and with Heifer being in another area, financial contributions made the most sense. I wanted to be able to contribute more, so I decided to think of a way to fund raise. The answer was right under my nose. I'm a wedding photographer, so I decided that using my talent to raise money was the best use of my skills. I set up a day of family mini sessions for Christmas photos and I have an overwhelming response immediately. People were thrilled to be a part of something that would make a contribution to a great organization and also meet a need of theirs at the same time. I set the pricing for the mini session day lower than my usual rate to provide a good incentive for people to book and pledged to donate half of each session fee. We were able to raise $675 for Heifer! I plan to continue this every year!


A Heifer Market Passes on the Gift

The children at First Universalist Parish in Chester, VT are currently offering an alternative to traditional, wrapped gifts during this holiday season. They held a “Heifer Market” to support Heifer International on Sunday, November 23 and raised over $700! Shares of livestock were available as a gift to a loved one through Heifer International as well as an array of interesting foods to sample, music and special ornaments made by the children. For those participating in the Heifer Market, they were able to purchase a flock of chicks, ducks or geese. The children holding the fundraiser also accepted donations of “shares” of bees, rabbits, goats, sheep or water buffalo. A special ornament, made by the children in gratitude for their congregants' support of this remarkable program, were available to anyone participating in “Passing On The Gift." Cards were be available for every donation of $10 or more that were made so donors could let their recipients know about the gift that was given. This fundraiser will continue until Sunday, December 14th. From everyone at Heifer International, we want to thank the children of First Universalist Parish for the hard work and creative fundraising on behalf of Heifer's mission!

Communities of Change

Sonny the Alpaca

We saw an incredible opportunity to create a real life connection with members of our church at First Presbyterian Church of Maumee in Northwest Ohio. Our hope was that when people can actually see what they are donating, that they are more likely to participate. We took our alpaca, Sonny, to church to be a representative for Heifer International. The one on one interaction was wonderful. We explained the process of gifting livestock to provide a livelihood to a family in need. Sonny's impact on the congregation has yet to be measured, as the church is collecting donations through the holiday season. But in any case being an ambassador for Heifer International has been a priceless opportunity. We encourage all livestock breeders to use their animals to promote the ending of hunger and poverty throughout the world.


Sunday School Kids Host Living Gift Market to Benefit Heifer International

On Sunday, November 16, the Sunday school children (preschool through 5th grade) of First Presbyterian Church of Arlington Heights, Illinois, held the church’s second annual Living Gift Market to benefit Heifer International.

Communities of Change

A Group of Students Promise to "Be the People!"


The Renaissance Council Chapter of The Junior State of America ( is delighted to know that its fundraising efforts has made it possible to support a Heifer International project in Romania.

Communities of Change

A Small Town Thinks Big

Red Bluff is a small town located in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. Our town is surrounded by nut orchards and prune orchards, and most folks grow a big garden and have a few fruit trees in their own yard – growing everything from lemons to pomegranates to persimmons. Most of us have enough to share, and at The Presbyterian Church of Red Bluff we wanted to share our surplus in a way that would benefit Heifer International.


In Honor of Heifer's 70th Anniversary


The Heifer International Sacramento Volunteers held a community celebration for Heifer's 70th Anniversary. The event featured chicks to hold, activities to engage and speakers to inspire. Bill Beck (pictured), one of the original Heifer seagoing cowboys, and Rosa Rodriguez, Heifer Ecuador Country Director, were featured speakers at the event. Everyone enjoyed the chance to reconnect and gain renewed dedication to support Heifer's work.


What a Difference 26.2 Hours Can Make

(My event,) The Mahrathon, sort of began as a bit of a joke among internet DJs. I used to play pretty long sets, and someone was bragging about having played six hours. Someone else suggested I play a whole day, and I said I could only do something like that if it was for charity. A couple of days later, someone mentioned Heifer International in an unrelated conversation, and I started to think about it as a serious thing.

Communities of Change

A Vacation Bible School Missions Project


Along with the attached photos, please find a simple, yet powerful, story of how even the youngest Heifer International supporters can make a big difference! "Dear Heifer International, On behalf of the Presbyterian United Church of Christ in LeMars, Iowa, I am writing with thanks for your wonderful organization! We had the privilege of using your cause and organization for our children's annual vacation bible school missions project. The students loved learning about all the ways you help families and communities. Our attendees raised over $500.00 to donate, and with the help of our church's Mission Commission, we recently donated in the amount of $630.00 to you!"


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Laila

Laila, a 10-year old Heifer International supporter, inspired one of her family members to donate. When they placed their donation, they sent Laila one of Heifer's kid-friendly honor cards. As shown, Laila followed Heifer's instructions perfectly, sending us the illustration of what Heifer means to her. We greatly appreciate the support you have given to Heifer, Laila! Your creativity is inspiring.

Communities of Change

Team Elliott Education & Alzheimer's Residents Continue Community Service Efforts

Serenades by Sonata Memory Care Assisted Living Residents, under the guidance of Team Elliott Education, a company which provides intellectual opportunities for seniors, have created a way for residents to continue their lifelong spirit of giving. Through extensive animal studies, integrated with creative design sessions, Serenades’ residents gained knowledge and appreciation for what animals can do for people living in poverty stricken areas. Serenades’ residents expressed their compassion for people throughout the world by selecting a variety of animals to support the efforts of Heifer International. With money raised through art sales along with a generous contribution by Team Elliott Education, Serenades residents purchased much needed livestock, which provides the gift of self-sufficiency, to those less fortunate than themselves.

Communities of Change

Sonoma/Napa Volunteers Increase Heifer's Visibility

Heifer International volunteers may be small in number but have accomplished large things. A recent example was participating in the Heirloom Seed Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California.

Communities of Change

Fourth Graders Rise to a Challenge

As a school volunteer in a rural county in North Carolina, I offered enrichment to four bright 4th graders on my favorite subjects--poetry, geography, nutrition, astronomy, and history--in six week blocks, ending with a 30 question challenge. If all students outperformed a teacher of their choice on my quiz, I donated $20 to Heifer International. Motivated by the fun of selecting and giving an animal or share, the girls won every challenge! When the students defeated their principal, he too donated $20! In total, these girls raised $120 for animals for other families.

Communities of Change

Fill the Barn

Kim, Chairperson of the Social Ministry Committee at Trinity Lutheran Church in Monticello, MN, wrote Heifer International a beautiful letter about her congregation's most recent fundraising effort.


Young Niece Inspires Giving

Ella was a lover of goats, passionate about protecting the environment and committed to the work of Heifer International.


Honey for Heifer


My name is Rogan, I am 16-years old and I have been a beekeeper for nearly four years now. My sister, Sage, and I started beekeeping after being awarded a very generous youth scholarship from the Kansas Honey Producers Association...


The Sound of Frogs


In May 2013, I was travelling to Cambodia with the Heifer team working on training their Community Animal Health Workers...

Communities of Change

Read a Book and Raise Some Money

Twenty-seven students at St. John Catholic School in Kansas City participated in Heifer International's Read to Feed program. Together they read nearly 450 books this summer, and by collecting sponsors for the books read, they raised $2,090 for Heifer International! The students generously decided to donate one heifer, three schools of fish, one water buffalo, two llamas, two sheep, one goat, tree seedlings, three rabbits, two beehives, two flocks of chicks, one flock of ducks and one flock of geese! Congratulations and thank you to the students of St. John Catholic School!

Communities of Change

A Heifer Farm Volunteer is Uplifted

Groups like the 7th graders from Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts remind me of the importance to keep trying and keep teaching and being certain that ending hunger and poverty and caring for the earth is not a fantasy that Dan West had in 1939 and acted on in 1944. Heifer's mission is an ongoing reality that I am proud to be part of and extremely pleased to share with participants of all ages.

Communities of Change

Kiss a Pig!

A small community of 4,000 surpasses their fundraising goal for Heifer International and the resulting consequences are adorable.


Our House Visits Heifer International

Our House, in Little Rock, visited Heifer Ranch with the kids from their youth program.


A Crisis Solved (For a Time)

At an environmental festival, the event table for Heifer International was set up in the same way we had done it hundreds of times before, but this time we were not getting any visitors. Something was wrong.