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Mabel Hoggard Magnet School 'Rocks' Their Fundraiser

Upon learning that there is enough food in the world for everyone but it is not distributed equally, fifth-grade GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) students at Mabel Hoggard Magnet School in Las Vegas, NV, got rocking on a solution. They rocked in more ways than one. In two short months, students established their own company, created more than 200 original pet rocks, and raised $550 to fight world hunger... Please click the title of the story to read more!


Throwback Thursday - Heartiest Thanks

Project recipient, Frank V, expresses his gratitude after his family received a cow from Heifer Int'l in Poland in the year of 1949. Please click the title to read his letter!


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Samuel

Submitted by Samuel L. | New York


Young Boy Reaches Out To Help Families In Need

In 2013 I took my son, then a second grader, to the Hunger Banquet at Misericordia University where I was a student. There he learned about the difference between poor, middle, and wealthy classes and just how many children go hungry around the world. The distended bellies in the photos really upset him. Afterwards he asked if he could mail food to the poor kids. I knew of Heifer from when I was in youth group and found it was still helping those around the world and explained how it works to my son. He was immediately on board. He approached the school about holding his first physical fundraiser on campus during the Hunger Awareness Week. He now does a fundraiser annually, creating youtube call-to-action videos... Please click the title of the story to read more!!


Middle Creek Sunday School Buys a Heifer

Our Sunday School has been participating in the Heifer Program for the last four years. In the past, we have purchased chickens, ducks, bees, a lamb and this year the children decided on a calf. They have raised $1277.69. Last Sunday one of our dairy farmers brought a calf so the children could see what was being sent. Praise be to God for this gift of two calves.


Summit Road Elementary School Collects Pennies to End Hunger

I am the adviser of our school's Character Council at Summit Road STEM Elementary in Reynoldsburg, OH. We have been doing outreach fundraisers which impact our school, our community and globally. The council chose Heifer International as the global outreach. They challenged each person in our school to donate 5 "little" pennies which equaled 2,500 pennies. In doing so, we as a building would be able to raise $25.00 dollars. After collecting our "little" pennies, the total was 11,664 pennies equaling $116.64. This number will be changing because the council received more pennies after they made their announcement. The council had originally thought they would like the donation go towards a flock of ducks or honeybees. Now they will need to review the options and decide what the donation will go towards since they collected $91.00 over their goal! I am so proud of the council members and our school community for exceeding our goal!


West Lebanon Church Participates in Fill the Ark Program

Our Church (West Lebanon NH UCC) just finished a very successful 2016 Heifer drive. We initiated the month long Fill The Ark calendar on April 3rd by introducing the Fill The Ark program to both the Sunday School youth and the entire congregation. Over the next month the Sunday School would paste paper animals they colored to fill up a large cardboard Ark set up in the Sanctuary. During the Sunday May 1 service the Sunday School youth collected the boxes from the congregation and filled the front of the Ark. This Sunday the youth will decide what animals to purchase with the $1,000 raised. Also in June the youth and interested members of the congregation will travel to the Heifer farm in Rutland MA to learn more about Heifer and have an afternoon at the farm. Heifer's Fill The Ark calendar was a terrific tool that helped energize our congregation's 2016 Heifer project.


Youth Group Experiences What it Feels Like to Live in Hunger

Earlier this spring, the Youth of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Southington, CT organized and participated in a ‘Famine Weekend’ to raise money and awareness for Heifer International and other like-minded organizations. The Church Youth, grades 6-12 begin fasting after school lunch on Friday and did not eat solid food again until Sat evening at 6:00, sustaining themselves on only water and some juice during that period. They asked people to support their efforts through monetary donations. After school, they joined together at the church to play a variety of games and exercises... Please click the title of the story to read more!


Throwback Thursday - 48 Years Ago Today

Heifer International Supporter, Ms. Fitzgerald, shares an article from the Okanogan Independent written on Thursday, May 2nd, 1968, in Okanogan, WA... Click the link below to read the article!


High School Students Awarded with Donation Through Charity Champions

H. Frank Carey High School held a small presentation at which students were awarded with a $1,000 donation to Heifer International... Click the link to read the rest of the story!


First and Eighth Graders Team Up to Buy Chicks

Dear Heifer International, I am the first grade teacher at St. Bridget School in Manchester, CT. The past few years, I have done the Read to Feed service project with my class. I am writing you this letter because this enclosed gift of $60, raised specifically for three flocks of chicks to help bring some families out of poverty, is very special... Please click the link below to read more...


Birthday Guests Asked to Bring Donations for Heifer International

Big City Mom, Rebecca, throws her 3-year-old daughter a birthday party and asks guests to bring donations to Heifer International! Please click the link below to read her blog post from Big City Moms...