The end of hunger isn’t a fairy tale

Welcome to the Heifer family. Donors, volunteers, recipients and our teams around the world share a common goal: To end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. It’s a lofty goal, but we know it's achievable. Together we are the family that can create this change.

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Sacred Steps 5K, 2 Mile Walk and Kids Fun Run

I’m sure you’ve heard the old proverb; “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.” Well what if everyone helped their neighbors with this same concept. The news is constantly filled with the growing disproportionate wealth in this world and the middle class disappearing bit by bit. But there are still organizations out there that are trying to help those less fortunate help themselves... Please Click the title to read the rest of the story!


Clarendon Hills Church Hosts Family Farm Fest

People and farm animals filled the parking lot Saturday of Church of the Holy Nativity for its 10th annual Family Farm Fest. Along with providing the opportunity for families to get up close to, and learn about, a variety of live farm animals, the event supports Heifer International... Please click the title of the story to read more!


Our Precious Angels readers raise money for Heifer International!

Our Precious Angels' Child Care Center and Pre-School, in its many efforts to continually give back to the community, has successfully completed its first Read to Feed program... Please click the title to read more!


2016 Kid Friendly Honor Card Winner

We tallied the votes... this year’s kid-friendly honor card art competition winner is Laila, 13, from Indian Harbour Beach, FL! Your drawing of what Heifer means to you was voted the top card! Congratulations, Laila!


2016 Kid Friendly Honor Card Competition

We need YOUR vote! After receiving over 100 drawings for our new 2016 kid-friendly honor card, we have narrowed it down to four finalists! Vote by clicking on the links in the story and commenting with the number of your favorite drawing to help us pick the new card! Please click the title of the story to get the links.


Throwback Thursday - Heifers for Relief in Czechoslovakia

The Family of Kysuconova. Grandmother, parents and 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl are thanking most heartily for the generous gift of a fine cow given to them from the American friends of Czechoslovakia; this cow is their saviour from starvation.


One Honey of an Idea - Tokach Family Continues to Touch Lives Through Beekeeping

One sweet gesture by one 4-H family in Dickinson County, Kansas, has bloomed onto a global scale. In three years, the Tokach family of Abilene, Kansas, has raised enough donations through their 4-H beekeeping project and their small batches of honey to donate 165 honeybee hives through Heifer Project International. That’s $4,950 worth of honeybees that are donated to villagers around the world who are trying to change their lives. Please click the title of the article to read more!


2nd Graders at Kyrene del Cielo Show Compassion for Families in Ecuador

Dear Heifer International, We are students in Miss DeMerell's second grade class in Chandler, Arizona. We earn class money each week for things like showing role model behavior, performing our class jobs, and reading minutes... Please click the title to read the full letter!


First Graders at Pietrini School Read for a Cause

“When I grow up, I want to go to these places and help the people,” first grader Diego Reyes, reflected on his experience with Heifer International’s Read to Feed program. Diego is one of four extraordinary first-graders along with a big brother who participated in the Read to Feed program at Pietrini School, located in Franklin Park, Illinois... Please click the title of the story to read more!!


Members at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Complete Puzzle for $5,000

Three years ago, several of our members were sitting around dreaming up something different to do as an outreach project. We decided on Heifer International and sponsoring an Ark, but we wanted to approach raising the funds differently than anything we had done before... Please click the title of the story to read more!


Bob & Joann Sanbloom Celebrate 60 Years of Marriage With Quarters!

When Bob and Joann Sanbloom of West Lafayette, Indiana recently sent invitations to their 60th anniversary celebration hosted by their daughters, they included a gentle suggestion, “No gifts, please, but we’ll accept quarters at the party to donate to our favorite charity—Heifer International.” ... Please click the title to read the rest of the story!