Project: Macedonia

“Kako ste?”
“How are you?”

Country Overview:

In 1991, Macedonia gained its independence from Yugoslavia. It is located in the Balkan region of Southeast Europe. Macedonia is a landlocked country. It is defined by a central valley formed by the Vardar river that is surrounded by mountains that create the country's borders. 

Ranked as the 4th-best Reformatory State by the World Bank, Macedonia has undergone considerable economic reform since independence. The country has developed an open economy with trade accounting for more than 90 percent of GDP in recent years. Despite these reforms, as of 2005 Macedonia's unemployment rate was 37.2 percent and as of 2006 its poverty was 22 percent. Macedonia has one of the highest shares of people struggling financially, with 72 percent of its citizens stating that they could only manage on their household’s income "with difficulty" or "with great difficulty."

Heifer's Work in Macedonia:

Heifer projects in Macedonia are run from the Heifer Albania office. Heifer International's philosophy was first introduced in Albania in 1995 by Executive Vice President Jim De Vries. One year later, in spring 1996, implementation of the first Heifer International project in Albania started as the Albania Private Forestry Development Program (APFDP) supported by USAID. The first Passing On the Gift was carried out in 1997, when 18 families passed on 36 goat kids to new farmers’ families in Alarupi village.  

Heifer Albania has directly assisted about 9663 families in 70 communities in Albania and Macedonia, implementing 60 projects in rural areas, 6 of them in Macedonia.

Key Services Heifer Provides:

Sustainable Agricultural Production: Agroecological training, including native breed protection; Agrotourism

Market development: Coordinate contact between farmers’ associations and partners for the accomplishment of their economic, social and educational objectives; Advocate for the communities in regard to legislation, taxes and the marketing of farm products; Cooperate with partners to gain low interest credit for rural communities

Technology: Develop channels for transfer of technology