Training and Education


Training and Education


Training and education are key to ensure that animals are well cared for, and that participants get the most out of their projects. Participants learn nuts-and-bolts skills such as how to build sturdy pens and grow fodder, but they also receive training in all 12 Cornerstones. Cornerstone training helps participants tap into their own wisdom and strengths, both as individuals and as communities.


You can't solve a problem if you don't know about it, so stay informed of what's happening around you, both locally and globally. Encourage children's curiosity. Support making decent education available worldwide.


Passing On the Gift of Education

By continuously passing on the gift of Education, we continue with the circle of sharing the knowledge and training of Heifer International with the old volunteers and the new volunteers, with the staff and projects, with the participants and new participants. There are enough ways to pass on the gift of education to ensure a world where everyone should have enough.


Forest Heights Middle School Paves a Way

There are a lot of ways to learn about math and geography using textbooks and maps, but the students at Forest Heights Middle School wanted to do something a little different. Christine Mignot, a teacher at the school, wanted the students to not just learn about pie charts and graphs, but life outside Little Rock, Ark. And what better place in our great state to learn about life outside of it than Heifer International.


Sorority Group Teaches Children About Heifer

The Xi Kappa Omega Chapter, of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, recently partnered with Heifer International for a reading of the children’s book Beatrice’s Goat in Oxnard, California. Beatrice’s Goat is based on Beatrice Biira’s real life story of how her life changed after her family received the gift of a goat from Heifer International.


The Reason Cows Are Awesome


Cows are so awesome. And we’re not just saying that because we are called Heifer International. Here, we’ve long held the idea that animals, as just one of the things that Heifer provides to families, should always provide “7 M’s” so that they’re truly transformative for those we support. Heifer developed the idea of 7 M’s many years ago to help more simply explain how an animal can be a catalyst for so much change. It sounds sort of weird, but it works, and has for nearly 70 years.


Sisters Team Up to Raise Funds for Read to Feed

Paula and Camila Rojas just moved to South Africa from Colombia. Although they’re still getting a feel for the South African environment and change in curriculum, the sisters embarked on their own campaign to raise awareness and funds for Heifer South Africa after they heard about Heifer through the Read to Feed program at their school.


Regine and Justine: Cameroon Women Turn Things Around


Regine Ndjiwo, 55, and Justine Passo, 50, are members of Heifer projects in the western region of Cameroon, a little over nine miles from Heifer’s office in Bamenda. They are part of GIC APEB (Groupe d’Initiative Commune d’Apiculture et Eleveurs de Bamepah) created in Bamepah Village.


Counting On Chicks

In 2011, my friend Julie and I had a year full of grief, frustration, and unwelcome drama. It was one emotional disaster after another. At the end of that year, we decided to change our focus to helping others. We committed to raise $5000 to "build an ark" for Heifer International to provide livestock and training for struggling families worldwide.


Ranch Volunteer Shares What Heifer Means to her

I remember the first time I heard of Heifer International. I was sitting in a Peace Corps van, driving through the streets of Thies, the second largest city in Senegal. Two of my fellow volunteers started excitedly chattering as we passed a sign. They slapped on the window and shrieked at each other. I didn’t really understand the excitement, but I noted the sign, a cow jumping over the word “Heifer”. At the moment, it didn’t mean much to me, but looking back on that moment, it was the start to something amazing.


Pancakes for a Cause

We held a Pancake Supper at our church to raise funds and awareness of Heifer. The children learned about what Heifer does, designed posters, and came up with fun ideas including having a pancake race. In addition...


Taking Action: Two Volunteers on One Long Trip!

As we walked in for Sunday worship service, Sue Bishop greeted my husband, Allen, and me. She asked us, “Would you like to represent Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Tustin, California, and volunteer to tell folks about Heifer International at the Orange County Fair this summer?” and, to Sue’s surprise, we said, “Why, yes, we would!”


Students Purchase Goats and Chicks!

I teach economics at the high school level. My students and I were discussing third world countries, food sources, clean water, etc. The question, "How can you make a difference," was raised and Heifer international organization was mentioned.


Heifer Ranch Celebrates Buffalo Birthday!

At 26 years old, Stratton the water buffalo continues his role of being both motivation and muscle for the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR.

Communities of Change

Ranch Volunteer Recounts Experience

As a sophomore in college, I was looking for something to do between school years, when I remembered that Heifer Ranch offered volunteering opportunities. I had been a participant at the Ranch on four different occasions, and I decided that it would be great to see the other side of things here. Little did I know, my decision to be a Heifer Ranch volunteer would shape the rest of my life.


Read to Feed Program Inspires Students to Raise Over 4,000 Dollars for Charity

Heifer International's Read to Feed program has undoubtedly been an important and invaluable experience for the Maimonides fourth grade class this past year (2012-2013). It did not take long for my students to understand that their philanthropy could significantly improve a family’s quality of life, and that together, they can make a lasting difference for people around the world.


Students Learn They Can Make a Big Difference

Mrs. Pincus' Third Grade students at H.B. Brunner Elementary School raised almost $900...and they did it all on their own initiative! After reading the book Give A Goat by Jan Schrock, the students learned about Heifer International and found out they could donate money to buy a goat for people in Uganda who need food. In the end, the students raised an incredible $892.94.


From Students to Givers

Cindy Sellers Roach Talks About Her Visit to Morgan Township to Receive a Check for Heifer International, the result of a very successful Read to Feed fundraiser.


There's a Problem and I'm Going to Try to Fix It

Together, Los Perales Elementary School kindergarten teacher Terryl Miller and her class decided to use their newly acquired reading skills to raise money for Heifer International’s Read-To-Feed program. They raised $3,101, which helped them purchase on


Cornerstones: The Quintessential Way of Life

What is the significance of Cornerstones? Why are these given so much prominence? Vineeta Sharma, administrative officer for Heifer India, gives her thoughtful take on Heifer's 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development.


Going Hog Wild for Heifer International

Naquag Elementary School, located in Rutland MA, went "hog wild" during the first week of May with a very successful fundraiser! To celebrate, students ran in a race and attended a special school-wide assembly where the principal puckered up and kissed a pig!


Phan Phearum Finds Precious Gift in Raising Goats


My family and I are grateful to Heifer and Chetthor for their good deed. I never forget to thank them. I look after these precious gifts very well with my husband and my children.


A Cow Can Change Lives


I no longer behave like I used to, the way I used to handle my wife. Considering gender awareness, I have benefited from the project and our family relations have greatly improved.


Confidence to Live a Better Life


Now my cow shed is better than that house in which I lived. When my husband received Cornerstones and Gender and Justice training, he also understood me. Everybody, including my husband, now asks my opinion and suggestions for decisions−without my decision nothing happens.


Realizing I Can Help

I'm a middle school teacher in my late 20s, a wife, and mother of a 3 year old little girl and expecting our next little girl in just a few weeks! I guess you can say I've always been one of those people waiting to figure out what my "something MORE" was...


My Year of Blessings

South Africa

The project members were like my second family and every time I was with them I enjoyed it to the fullest.They never made me feel like an outsider, even though sometimes there was a language barrier. I learned a lot about the Zulu culture from them, like the type of food they eat at home and their way of doing things. I got to love and respect it. Manje se ngi khuluma isiZulu kahle (Now I can speak Zulu very well), all thanks to the project members.